|TWITTER| 101208 Thunder Tweets About IU’s Abum, Plus a Cute Story about Jollibee

IU’s new album will be released at 12am tonight~! This is revealed as a Merry Christmas in advance please show lots of love~! ^^

Source: Thunder’s Twitter
Translated: xxsheena@mblaattack.com
Reuploaded: yuki@mblaqattack.com & xxsheena@mblaqattack.com

Haha, I think I know why he posted the info in English.. Continue reading to find out..

@MBLAQCD Tweet the song release info in English, then I will send you Chicken Joy. You’ll be happy. You know that. You have a big smile. :p

———-After an hour or two,Thunder tweets the release info in English.. ———-

@MBLAQCD Yay I will send you your Chicken Joy :D :D Bravo bravo! Haha

– then she retweets the release info tweeted by Thunder in English.. :)

LOL, someone bribed to give him Chicken Joy from Jollibee if he tweets the info in English.. I wonder if he read that.  Now she owes Thunder that Chicken Joy.. lololol.. :D

And in this fancam in Singapore, listen at 0:09 someone shouted “Chundung, gusto mo ng Jollibee?” (Thunder, you like Jollibee?) haha..

cr. bleachix

And if you’re wondering what Chicken Joy and Jollibee is, well Chicken Joy is the name of the fried chicken that is being served by a food chain named Jollibee. Here’s a pic of Thunder eating Chicken Joy when they were still living in the Philippines..

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9 Responses to |TWITTER| 101208 Thunder Tweets About IU’s Abum, Plus a Cute Story about Jollibee

  1. Alex says:

    What a cute story~ xD Thanks for sharing ^^

  2. mikeemike says:

    Reblogged this on adventures of the great mic and commented:
    cute cheondung.. :D i miss chicken joy..

  3. sweetshammah says:

    So innocent. And I guess he misses chicken joy too!

  4. koala says:


  5. bianca says:

    Gosh, I laughed so hard at this!

  6. rhovz says:

    wahhhhhh….young at heart!<3

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  8. liane says:

    ahaha, gusto ko rin!

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