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Thunder (real name: Park Sang Hyun) was born on October 7, 1990, in Busan, South Korea. When he was around 4 years old, his family moved to the Philippines. He studied at the Philippine Pasay Chung Hua Academy (PPCHA), where he learned to speak Filipino and English. His family eventually went back to Korea around 2007. He originally wanted to become a professional soccer player, training to become a midfielder for a few months, until he decided to pursue becoming a singer instead. He auditioned for JYP Entertainment and eventually became a trainee of LOEN Entertainment, alongside IU, before finally debuting through J. Tunes Camp as a member of boy group, MBLAQ (Music Boys Live in Absolute Quality) in 2009. His skills include rapping, dancing and singing, and has tried MCing and acting (mostly in CFs). He is also currently interested in producing music. He is best known for his eldest sister, Sandara Park (also known as Dara of 2NE1), but has since been known for his good looks, 4D personality, voice imitations and fashion style.

42 Responses to About Thunder

  1. bebebole says:

    iLove Park Sang Hyun .

  2. HY ♥ I am from France and i love CheonDung OPPA keke
    Sooo handsome and talented ♥

  3. Sonia says:

    Omg!! No Way!! thunder and i have same birthday and same day. hehe

  4. Nabilah says:

    annyeonghaseyo Thunder….saranghaeyo

  5. rose says:

    yeah i love d real park siblings,not only they have beauty but brain too,both speaking different languages is something.

  6. Menchiey says:

    Hey im so happy dat in k0rea ur a star.Also for dara.We really love ur sister.From scq till n0w we r avid fan of ur n0ona.Stay d0wn to earth and stay hamble.We s0lute u for being a w0nderful idol

  7. Richelle Florece Grecia says:

    I miss my classmate and my friend who love soccer who always play in ching chai too preschool after class in chung hua…More blessings to come sang hyun!!!

  8. Lee ryan says:

    really love oppa
    can’t u see me..
    love u..saranghae oppa

  9. annyeong..!!! i really like to see thunder… saranghae thunder.. <3 <3 <3

  10. Phara villanueva says:

    ,..hello ,.iM phaRa fRoM pHiLiPpiNeS i rEaLly lOve dArA aNd tHuNdeR,hOpE tO see tHuNdEr SOon,.gOd bLeSs,.

    • sarah alexa mandane siping says:

      i like to see him too… hehe i’m alexa from the philppines and i LOVE thunder…!!!!!! hope to see thunder soon… <3 <3 <3

  11. han sang jae says:

    aigooo!now i know the true sanghyun im a filipino too!yeey i can talk to him now in skype!he knows my language very well!fighting

  12. jadra says:

    thunder in mblaq pretty boy

  13. A+forlife says:

    Cheondung jjang <3

  14. louiecel says:

    hi thunder! sana maka-punta din ang MBLAQ dito sa pilipinas! and were happy and proud here for you and sandy’s achievement in korean music! God bless you and take care! mahal namin kayo! salamat!

  15. I heart Thunder oppa ^^~

  16. SANG HYUN PARK a.k.a. THUNDER of MBLAQ can speak Philippine Language ( Tagalog ), Chinese ( Mandarin ), English ( American ) theorythical & practical ; Even in his own KOREAN Language, he speak formal word. He use only BUSAN DIALECT at home. Now he start to speak Japanese. He is well behave in true life ( a good son ) also his family. HOW I WISH TO SEE SANG HYUN PARK AS A SOCCER PLAYER HERE IN GERMANY WITH TRIKOT NUMBER 8.

  17. daragonlove says:

    hi i’m new to Oh Thunder, though i’ve already seen a lot of Videos of Mblaq…Thunder is one of my bias among the boys (i also like G.O)…i hope this will become as active as Oh dara…(i’ve seen this site thru oh dara)

  18. cia says:

    makappa sanna,i….

  19. Hello guys, I’m from Brazil!
    I love MBLAQ and in particular the Thunder <3
    Unfortunately I could not go in Sao Paulo – Brazil when they came, I hope they come back here ;)

    Bye ^3^

  20. keukey says:

    hey, I’m from Indonesia!!
    nice to meet you all, guys!!
    2012 새해복많이받으세요! 난 천둥, 당신을 사랑!

  21. jessica says:

    hi thunder ,i love you forever hjhj

    • jessica says:

      i am jessica ,viet nam,love thunder so cute.sa rang he do^_^,toi rat thich cach bieu dieu cua ban chuc ban thanh cong tren con duong su nghiep ca hat^_^

  22. sha says:

    do you have pictures of thunder during his school days on PPCHA?

  23. chelsea says:

    thunder study in my school OMG! ni hao

  24. viviana valdez says:

    i luv thunder oppa!!!!!!!!!!!


  26. mitch says:

    oh my god,,
    thunder is a very gud looking guy..
    so damn hot..

  27. Gita A+ says:

    thank you so much for making this site ^^ i think doongie born at Philipphines and go back to Korea when he adult…well, i’m totally wrong! kekeke~
    keep updated! saranghae uri Doongie^^

  28. mut-thunder says:

    chundoong.. : the best looking guy… :P

    can’t help for another post !!!

    hello everybody.
    this is forever mblaq fan.

    A+ rules!

  29. zola says:

    Finally finally an English blog^^

    Doongie baby is so attractive!!!

    THX for everything you guys did for him

    Let’s be his guardian angel^^

    And we chinese fans have our own website only for him


    Please have a visit^^

  30. balsy says:

    hi, so im excited to find an english site about him.

    anwei, he studied in PPCHA and it is a chinese school right? can thunder speak mandarin or cantonese?


    • ohthunder says:

      Yes, PPCHA is a Chinese school and he probably had studied the language there. He doesn’t list speaking the Chinese language as one of his skills in his official profile though, unlike his older sister, Dara, who does along with Filipino and English, so we can’t be really sure if he can really speak it. But we did see fancams of him trying to speak a bit of Chinese during their recent Taiwan concert.

  31. toyhang says:

    Finally, an english blog dedicated for our Doongie!
    And an awesome name too. ^_^
    Ohthunder a cute title just like noona’s ohdara.
    I so love you staffs!
    I officially included this site on the list of site I’ll visit everyday. :)

    Keep on loving our dog-poop Doongie and the rest of MBLAQ. ^_^

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