About Us

Oh Thunder is an international fanblog dedicated to Park Sanghyun, more famously known as MBLAQ‘s Cheondung and the younger brother of 2NE1‘s Sandara Park.


The blog was opened in August 2010 by the creator of OhDara.com, Deshi, and one of its staff members, Rima. They were later joined by MJ, who had created another Thunder fanblog (It’s Thunder!) at that time, fellow Filipinos, Jammi and Bel, and Jenni, a Chinese living in Europe.

There have been a total of 12 people to have joined the blog as staff members from other parts of the world, including Ellie from the USA, Nissy and Dear from Thailand and Melody and Reu from Singapore. Kristine is also from the Philippines.

Currently, another Belle from Philippines is administrating the blog. She joined in around November 2013

Current Administrator

Screen Shot 2014-01-16 at 11.18.06 PM

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