[NEWS] 140310 MBLAQ Mini Album ‘BROKEN’ concept image surprised public


Official MBLAQ 10 days via SNS sixth mini album unveiled a surprise concept image .

Framed pictures are published in shattered glass , as if torn look like that in the photo of the members .  The album name ‘BROKEN’ sharp as broken and is in contrast to the background image , members of the chic and strong ‘ masculine ‘ mature appearance looks very impressive in the picture .
In addition, individuals with cuts in public in love like a piece of broken glass wounded heart was expressed in dreamlike images .  Broken away in sorrow than love , yet masculine look to show what cool is , the secret of this concept album is packed MBLAQ said.
Agency JTune Camp said that ” this day published concept image shows, the album ‘BROKEN’  through a unique and mature imgae MBLAQ is going to show you ” said ” to be released step by step in the future of the much anticipated sixth MBLAQ mini-album, “they said.

Meanwhile, each member of MBLAQ movies, drama , entertainment MC, musicals and individual activities also continued successfully in the middle ‘ monolith ‘ of MBLAQ ‘s comeback was a flare is fired.

Source: http://m.news.naver.com/read.nhn?mode=LSD&sid1=001&oid=076&aid=0002476423

[INFO] MBLAQ’s Japanese Single Track List

MBLAQ’s Japanese Single TrackList
[ CD Track List ] ※ Limited Edition A · B · C (common)

1.Still in Love
2.Take it Back
3.Still in Love (instrumental)
4. Take it back (instrumental)

* Record and Making of the Photo Jacket. Includes Music Video and the shooting of “Still in Love” on the DVD of Limited Edition A.

Jacket Photos specification booklet of Limited Edition A · B · C have the content and design different.

More info at: http://sp.tower.jp/article/feature_item/2014/01/07/0101?kid=psmkptw