111007 Birthday greetings from A+ all over the world!

Here are just some of the birthday greetings for Thunder shared by A+ from bestiz, Tumblr and Twitter:

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[Photos & GIF] Thunder in Brazil

credit: mblaqoface & tumbler


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|FanMade| Drawing/ Sketches of Thunder Plus a Bonus GIF

UPDATE: 101206 – added a new drawing

Let’s enjoy some Thunder drawings made by one of our readers, Liane.  Isn’t it great? How I wish I can also draw/ sketch like that. I can only draw sticks, poor me. :(

Click here for the other drawing and a bonus gif..

|VIDS+CAPS+GIFS| 101023 JoonDoong on SGB

UPDATE! Added more caps. Check them out under the cut.

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|CAPS+GIF| KBS 2TV “Win Win” Thunder & Sandara

First time ever that the Park siblings went on a show together^^ And as you saw in the articles we posted, it seems it got an explosive response~~ Hope for some more appearances on shows with these two together :)

To confirm Dara’s popularity in the Philippines, Doongie secretly appeared as the special guest. Apparently Dara was taken back when she saw Doongie. She said that when she went out, he was still sleeping, why is he here now? x)

Oh, and they use Busan satoori when they are talking with each other at home, but have to switch to formal language during shows. And Doongie said that Dara is just like a mum who took care of him since he was little.  — Just a short English summary from Chinese xD

And they also talked about the things in those articles that we posted up earlier :)

So here are some caps of the beautiful Dara with her handsome Chin dongsaeng Sanghyun x)

Re-up by 咲绘@百度MBLAQ吧
Gifs from 百度MBLAQ吧

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|GIF+VID| Doongie’s Adorable Dance Imitations

This was during the Star Dance Battle.

Chitty Chitty Bang Bang by Lee Hyori:

Source: bestiz

Watch the video here

|PICS+GIFS| The Park siblings

Still can’t believe that Dara is 6 years older than Doongie :D

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|VID+GIF| Doongie performing Rain’s “Bad Guy”

Source: bestiz
Re-up: ohthunder

Click here for a GIF :3

|CAPS+GIFS| MBLAQ Goes to School

Click here for the major spammage xD