|PIC| That’s Right Birthday Support Gifts 10/07/12

Some of the admins posted the Birthday Support for Thunder by That’s Right. Some of you participated in that, so I’m posting this in order for you to know where your contribution went in case you don’t visit http://www.withthunder.com. :)

Thanks a lot to all of you and to That’s Right (withthunder.com) for the continuous support for our MBLAQ’s Thunder.

PS: Yeah, the gifts really help him a lot with his love for composing. ♥

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|FANVIDS| Video Birthday Greetings for Thunder 100712

Lots of love for our birthday makdoongie so I decided to compile all those birthday video greetings!! Love all the effort!! =) I hope he gets to see all your birthday videos.

credit: dec1880

credit: Cheondung Thaiproject



credit: MBLAQMX

credit: Qii Joon
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Dancing for DUNG’s gifts for Thunder!

[Warning: Very long pics so please be a little patient ^^ ]

Here are the gifts from Thunder’s first Chinese fan site! :D

Credit: @DancingforDUNG

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That’s Right’s gifts for Thunder!

So many amazing gifts from our friends from withthunder.com! And so sweet of them to include gifts for Dadoongie too :D I just loooove the fanart of Doongie and Dadoongie! :D See them under the cut!

[Warning: Very long pictures so please be a little patient ^^ ]

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111007 Birthday greetings from Se7en, Rain, Ham Kyung Shik and members

Since it was Cheondung’s birthday today, the mblaq members (except Joon since he doesn’t have a twitter xD) and his hyungs each tweeted a birthday message to Doongie!


G.O (@MBLAQGO) Today is beloved Cheondoongie’s birthday! Everyone please congratulate him^^

Seungho (@MBLAQSH) Today is our Cheondungie’s birthday!
Please altogether celebrate with him and I’m recruiting the people who will do birth-bbang*^^

* birth-bbang’ is a kind of ceremony with beating for fun to celebrate his birthday

Mir (@bangmir) It’s Doong Doongie hyung’s birthday!! Congratulations!! Congratulations!! Kkyahahahaha!!

In which Thunder replied: Thank you maknae~ T_T see you later

Rest of the birthday greetings can be found under the cut!

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111007 Thunder shares his birthday with Dadoong

@MBLAQCDThank you to all the fans! You make me look really good..to my family and company family who took care of me..I love you all! >_<

@MBLAQCD: Read a lot of letters today~!! Don’t be ashamed because I read them!! keke

@MBLAQCDToday is Dadoongie’s birthday??? kekeke

Translations by raptorrific

Haha, he really shared the day with Dadoongie :D And that fanart of Doongie and Dadoongie is so cute, makes me want to see an anime or manga made like that :D Or better yet, see them in a live-action drama or movie! xD Wishful thinking..

111007 Dara greets Thunder on me2day!

Happy happy birthday to my little brother 천둥이!!!

Source: Dara’s Me2Day (www.me2day.net/21dara)

What a beautiful masterpiece of a cake T T So perfect! Especially after our worldwide trending of BLAQcatThunder, with his outfit from his ‘BLAQ Cat’ solo perfomance during the Men in MBLAQ concert, and with little Dadoongie too! Credits to That’s Right for the cake! A+ so daebak!

111007 Birthday greetings from A+ all over the world!

Here are just some of the birthday greetings for Thunder shared by A+ from bestiz, Tumblr and Twitter:

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111007 MBLAQ’s fancafe’s new header for Thunder’s birthday

Check the site out here!

111007 Thunder’s birthday tweet

@MBLAQCD: When I went to Philippines for the first time, I didn’t know the language and felt lonely. Now I become a man who received so much congratulations on his birthday! It was all possible.. beacause of everybody’s love..I thank you and love you sincerely.

Translation by chy328SH