[ENG ver] Please join 2NE1 Sandara Park and MBLAQ Thunder in helping the Yolanda Victims! – WEGENERATION

Sandara Park and Thunder’s Campaign for the Victims of Super Typhoon Haiyan ‘Yolanda’


Video: 130306 Handsome Thunder speaks Tagalog and invites A+s at MBLAQ’s First Contact in the Philippines!

KAJLSKDJkals HOMGAHHHH! Thunder speaks Tagalog! His filipino accent doesn’t sound bad at all! GOODNESS, gracious ♥ And based on his outfit, he seemed to have filmed this when he was filming ‘Nail Shop Paris’ couple of weeks ago!

Video translation:

“Hey guys, I’m super excited to see all of you again! Let’s all see each other at Aliw Theater on March 31, Sunday for MBLAQ’s First Contact!”

Source: KpopCon Philippines
Translated by: kamepichan@OhThunder

[CAPs] Thunder @ KBS Joy Logo song

Missing you badly, Doong! ^_^

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120604 MBLAQ KBS Joy Logo Song ♥



I’m so happy for our MBLAQ Boys for being in charge now in promoting Seoul… now i really want to go to Seoul!

 Cheondung sexy voice is love!!! ^__^


111129 [SCANS] BLAQ+ Season Greetings

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CREDIT/SOURCE: jinaya211 @ Twitter

[VIDEO, GIF & Pic] MBLAQ – Milk Song Campaign

super cute… Thunder & Mblaq is so adorable!

credit: CrazyCarrotNew310, wesomekpopgifs & feels-like-thunder

MBLAQ @ Nets Go! Campaign sponsored _ NEW MOON PARTY

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|FANCAM| Doongie being cute during the 2011 Give Life to A Child campaign

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|NEWS| MBLAQ will appear on MBC’s 50th anniversary special

MBLAQ participated in the 2011 Give Life to A Child campaign, which will air on May 5, 4:10PM KST at MBC.

According to allkpop:

MBLAQ has set out for the streets of Youngdeungpo’s Time Square for MBC’s 50th anniversary event, the “2011 Give Life to A Child” campaign.

Through the campaign, the boys introduced and raised awareness about bone-marrow transplants. They also aided in helping donors who wished to help out take the correct steps to make it happen.

Despite the pouring rain, MBLAQ and the citizens of Korea made a heartwarming promise to share their hope with the sick children of the nation. The boys’ good deeds didn’t end there though, as the members also took an oath promising to become donors themselves.

Original source: Sports Korea via Nate