MBLAQ BALL’N CF 30 secs ver. + Thunder BALL’N pic


MBLAQ’s possible photoshoot or?

It looks like a photoshoot or even better, for a cf?^^

Can’t wait to see the official pics of this.

Credit: PTRIST3 @Twitter

|CAPS| 110115 New Cheon[guk]doong from Alba

Credit: ALBA site
Caps and re-up by popcorn07@AbsoluteMBLAQ

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|PICS| 110108 BTS Alba CF Part 2

How cute can Doongie become?! I want to touch his cheeks xD

Source: JENNY HOUSE BLOG (makeup artist, Akira)

Re-uploaded by JenのYi @OhThunder.wordpress.com

Mblaq Cheondoong Alba Heaven CF Version 2

The cutest brothers in Kpop…Cheondung and Cheonguk!! lol

source: absolutemblaqchannel

|PICS| 101216 Cheonguk Wallpapers from ALBA’s Site

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|FCAMS| 101215 Chapstick Music Party

UPDATE: 101218 — added withthunder’s vid of One Better Day

Adorable Cheondoongie…

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|NEWS + FCAM| Thunder Kissed Yang JiWon in the Chapstick CF

Which MBLAQ member got to kiss Yang Ji Won in the ChapStick CF?

We reported back in October about the MBLAQ boys starring in an intense ChapStick CF with former T-ara member, Yang Ji Won. The CF ended with a dramatic cliffhanger, in which Yang Ji Won and the viewers were left wondering who had boldly kissed her in the dark.

The identity of the rogue kisser was revealed at the ChapStick Party on December 15th, at the Saecheonyeon Hall in Konkuk University.

The MBLAQ members and Ji Won performed two songs from the CF, and fans also got the chance to play games with them.

The highlight was of course the unveiling of which MBLAQ member had kissed Yang Ji Won in the CF. It was revealed to be no other than Thunder!

by Casper at AKP

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|VID| 101214 Making of Cheondung’s ALBA Heaven CF

Source: Bestiz, Daum TV
Re-up by AbsoluteMBLAQ