Twitter: [@nailshop2013] 130607 – NSP Twitter Shares Photos of Jin in Drama Stills

Blonde Doong or Pink Doong, they both look handsome ♥

Translation: “In contrast to the sideline job, Jin who is working faithfully on a customer’s nail~ But this doesn’t seem to be Paris’ hall….”

Translation: “What is so special about this place where Yeoju, Alex & Jin has come to… with two charming senior citizens~^^ But then where is Kei?”

Source: @nailshop2013
Translated by: Afrah @ ABM

Twitter: [@nailshop2013] 130531 – NSP Shares a Still Cut of Fresh Jin – “The finish is fresh Jin~”

HOMG, why so cute Doongie! Those kitten-like eyes! Are you projecting your inner Dadoongie?

Translation: “The finish is fresh Jin~ Tonight 11 o’clock!!! MBC Queen~ original broadcast”

Source: @nailshop2013
Translated by: Holly@ABM

Twitter: 130523 [@nailshop2013] ‘NSP’ Twitter Releases ‘Cutie Jin’ + Smiling Main Cast Still Cut

Translation: “Cutie Jin’s different look~^^”


Translation: “A special release for everyone~^^ Poster filming site!”


Source: @nailshop2013
Translated by: @MBLAQCG2h
Posted + Reuploaded by: kamepichan@OhThunder

Twitter: 130522 [@nailshop2013] ‘NSP’ Twitter Shares Handsome Boy Next Door ‘JIN’ Still Cut!

HOMG Just… handsome, Thunder knows how to work it. Seriously. Just that pose and smile ;;

Rough Translation: “Smiling wide, cutie Jin~”


Source: @nailshop2013
Re-uploaded by: kamepichan@OhThunder

Twitter: 130516 [@nailshop2013] ‘NSP’ Twitter shares a confused-looking Jin and Yeoju drama still cut

lol why the confused faces? lol XD

Translation: *will update soon*

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Twitter: 130510 [@kafahr] Thunder is a naughty pizza-eating boy at ‘Nail Shop Paris’ still cut

Rough Translation: “Nail Shop Paris. Today is Episode 3. (Jin’s photo) looks fun :)”


Source: @kafahr
Rough-translated by: kamepichan@OhThunder

Twitter: [@nailshop2013] Thunder betrays Dadoongie by holding another cat at ‘NSP’ filming?

kkk just kidding not betraying but omo, won’t Dadoongie get jealous?

Translation: *will update when translated* But it went something like what will happen tonight (for NSP ep.3) And I think they’re asking us to guess the cat’s name?


Source: @nailshop2013

Twitter: [@nailshop2013] Thunder is a lollipop eating boy with Gyuri at ‘NSP’ filming

Translation: “Yeojoo and Jin-! Now, What kinda of Story is going on with these two??”

Source: @nailshop2013
Translated by: ashajyothi @

Twitter: 130505 [@kafahr] Park Soo Cheol takes a picture of puppy-like Doong! – “Thank you for watching”

ㅋ He looks like a puppy~ You can tell his hair is longer in here too ^^ and fluffier~

Translation: “Thank you for watching ‘Nail Shop Paris’ Episodes 1 and 2~ Picture of Jin”

Source: @kafahr
Translated by: kamepichan@OhThunder