[PERF] 140406 MBLAQ at KBS2 Open Music Festival

[PHOTOS] 131130 MBLAQ at 2K13 Feel Korea in Perth

Credit Photos: The Au Review [www.theaureview.com]


xDSC_1432-25.jpg.pagespeed.ic.VUeX8UGlhA xDSC_1430-24.jpg.pagespeed.ic.caIJbXOcGi xDSC_1400-11.jpg.pagespeed.ic.25rk7wvi62 BaXCX08CMAEyIg5.jpg-large BaXCrFCCUAAPbpr.jpg-large BaXCMZMCcAAGWTU.jpg-large xDSC_6283-1.jpg.pagespeed.ic.QUEPYsOdOI xDSC_6287-2.jpg.pagespeed.ic.3oP8lO6ZB1 xDSC_6307-4.jpg.pagespeed.ic.y9d-zOjxqO xDSC_6327-6.jpg.pagespeed.ic.hM-FsMJvOm xDSC_6332-8.jpg.pagespeed.ic.-U9kB75z8c xDSC_6335-9.jpg.pagespeed.ic.iuQe5o2_HX xDSC_6369-26.jpg.pagespeed.ic.cKctZWW-Q_ xDSC_6365-18.jpg.pagespeed.ic.aFDPA6B_0qxDSC_6361-16.jpg.pagespeed.ic.bLD7tT4rB3 xDSC_6358-15.jpg.pagespeed.ic.ejVxwA83V8 xDSC_6353-14.jpg.pagespeed.ic.EXF0itS1c_ xDSC_6386-30.jpg.pagespeed.ic.42RweoNeaT xDSC_6393-35.jpg.pagespeed.ic.-eLfy5NmnB xDSC_6396-36.jpg.pagespeed.ic.zXYYprdJTo xDSC_6397-37.jpg.pagespeed.ic.xXvYx49hjM xDSC_6410-42.jpg.pagespeed.ic.zYU4vNQQLJ xDSC_6407-41.jpg.pagespeed.ic.SJVj_r6kws xDSC_6406-40.jpg.pagespeed.ic.aMUQmoe5ck xDSC_6405-39.jpg.pagespeed.ic.eIkCdrDwy8 xDSC_6401-38.jpg.pagespeed.ic.et_STzJo8T  xDSC_6320-5.jpg.pagespeed.ic._tqdQWzwGx

Just look how many A+s are there! ^__^

[PHOTOS] 131128 Cheondung at 2013 Korean Culture Awards

Credit Photos as watermarked/tagged.

tumblr_mx2g6v9zIZ1s0fk95o2_1280 tumblr_mx2g6v9zIZ1s0fk95o1_1280 824694004 BaPUJYDCQAADcE0.jpg-large tumblr_mx18xsrLxw1s0fk95o1_1280 tumblr_mx18xsrLxw1s0fk95o2_1280 tumblr_mx18xsrLxw1s0fk95o3_1280 tumblr_mx18xsrLxw1s0fk95o4_1280 tumblr_mx18xsrLxw1s0fk95o5_1280 2013 Korea Culture Awards G73A8041 BaNzff2CUAAVICi.jpg-large tumblr_mx0g4bVleK1s0fk95o1_1280 131128-383 IMG_9479 IMG_9463

[News] 131128 MBLAQ received K-Pop Grand Prize Award at 2013 Korea Culture Awards

Lee Joon speaking

Mir, Cheondung, Lee Joon and G.O



Joon receiving the award for K-POP Grand Prize on behalf of MBLAQ.

[PHOTOS] 131128 2013 Republic of Korea Awards

2013 Republic of Korea Awards


G.O, Lee Joon, Cheondung and Mir attended the 2013 Republic of Korea Awards.



dthumb.phinf.naver.net-2 dthumb.phinf.naver.net NISI20131128_0009045928_web_59_20131128200503 NISI20131128_0009045929_web_59_20131128200503 BaM6SzECUAAdXDg.jpg-large 1385786220-22

[WITHTHUNDER] 120805 Thunder @ Expo Pop Festival

Re-uploaded by:  Thundersound1007@OhThunder

Photos: [WITHTHUNDER] 120804 Cheondungie @ Asia Songs Festival 2012 [ Yeosu Expo]



Re-uploaded by:  Thundersound1007@OhThunder

Photos: 120805 Thunder : rehearsing @ Expo Pop Festival (Yeosu Expo)

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Re-uploaded by:  Thundersound1007@OhThunder



[FANCAM] *UPDATED* 120623 Rainism – MBLAQ feat. IU

Hey A+~, here are some fancams of MBLAQ performing Rainism with IU. The performance was very sexy! And IU did a very good job as well! She and Thunder almost bumped into each other! On another note, if I’m not wrong, MBLAQ opened for MUSIC BANK! Artists who open and end music shows are the most important parts! GO MBLAQ! Go Thunder!

Credits:  @ Youtube

[FANCAMS] 120315 Thunder with Sistar’s Hyorin “Love in Hanoi” special stage in Vietnam-Korea Festival

D’aww. Our Doongie is becoming more and more manly and such a gentleman. Here are the fancams I’ve scoured so far ^ ^ Enjoy! Thunder and Hyorin did really great!

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