[NEWS] 140415 MBLAQ’s Cheon Dung Has Never Had a Girlfriend

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MBLAQ’s Cheon Dung revealed that he has never had a girlfriend.

During the April 15 broadcast of Mnet’s The Beatles Code, Cheon Dung revealed that he has never been in a relationship.

He said, “Of course I like girls too and when I see other people date, I want to date too. I’ve had a crush before.”


Cheon Dung added, “I could’ve expressed my feelings through a friend but I didn’t. It was embarrassing to let her know that I like her. I couldn’t confess to the one I liked when I was living overseas because of my language limits and that traumatized me.”

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MBLAQ‘s Thunder confessed that he was still a ‘motae solo (someone who never dated)’ on the April 15 episode of Mnet‘s ‘Beatles Code 3D‘.

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He said, “I’ve never dated.  Of course, I like women and when I see others dating, I think I’d like to try it, too.  I even liked somebody one-sidedly before.”


He continued, “I could express my feelings through a friend, but I did not do that, either.  I was embarrassed about the person finding out that I liked her.  Even when I liked somebody unrequitedly while living abroad, I could not confess because I spoke clumsily, which left me with a trauma.

[NEWS] 140415 Thunder says Dara keeps buying him luxury brands


MBLAQ‘s Thunder talked about his sister, 2NE1‘s Dara, while appearing on the April 15 edition of Mnet‘s ‘Beatles Code 3D‘.

MC Shindong first brought up the topic by saying, “I hear she buys you a lot of luxury brands.

Thunder replied, “I never really cared much about clothes, but she keeps buying me them.  I tell her not to because they’re expensive, but she keeps on buying,” making his other members jealous.


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Girl Group, Sandara Park and MBLAQ Thunder showcasing live a heart shaped  at CJ E&M  MNET Countdown’s Encore, March 27.

2NE1 topped M-Countdown Top 10 chart in two weeks in a row.

Meanwhile, M-Countdown starring groups: Lim, Chang Jung. 4Minute, CN Blue, To Heart(Key & Woohyun), BTOB, Orange Caramel, JJCC, 100%, MBLAQ, Super Junior and more.