Twitter: 140629 [Photo] Cheondung gives us a glimpse of when he was little


A photo from when he was studying in the Philippines ❤ It looks like he’s on a bus on the way to a field trip? hehe (I’m the same age as him so I remember the rage with gameboys back then. And what better way to spend a long ride.) He never changed xD Cause you still see pictures of ‘big’ Thunder playing with his phone haha.

Twitter: 140629 Cheondung’s tweet + conversation with Fiestar’s Hyemi

Doongie tweeted about feeling good enough to write a good song (Yay!) and then Hyemi asked for that song (for her to sing maybe? hehe) but Doongie said it’s not a song for girls? haha Well, I’m looking forward to hearing that song and the song you’ll be writing for Hyemi, Doong-ah xD


@shpthunder Today the feelings are great.. a feeling that i could write good lyrics..

@FIESTAR__Hyemi Please give me that song

@shpthunder I won’t give you a song ㅡㅡ

@FIESTAR__Hyemi You are really stubborn about it keke

@shpthunder It’s a masculine song. I will write feminine song for you later later keke

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I always like to see Doongie interacting with other idols because on broadcasts he’s usually quiet or forever alone amongst a sea of idols xD It’s like seeing him, the natural Doongie, when with friends or people he’s comfortable with. For a little background on the Doong and Hyemi’s friendship..

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Twitter: 140621 [Photo] Dara’s Instagram post + Cheondung’s reply

Dara posted a picture last June 20 (Friday) of her invading Doongie’s room while he was away haha Doongie left a reply on her tweet the next day.

(Is that a star-spangled navy-blue window curtain? haha)


daraxxi I occupied Doongie’s room as he’s in Kansai for foreign trip~A lot of things are good here! There are sports equipment, instruments when he’s working on song and even mic.. oh oh oh its my world ㅋㅋ Doong will be shohicked when he see this pic as he get out of the plane. Its nuna~

(Dara tagged the post with #Dara #Cheondung and something else I don’t know ㅜㅜ)


@shpthunder @krungy21 kkeuk.. (an expression of laughing/ laugh out loud)

Sources: Thunder’s Twitter, Dara’s Instagram
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140601 Sandara Park’s Twitter update + Cheondung’s Reply

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7H1mF62 4uLxbeR


Don’t worry after buying them good food I’m gonna go home!ㅋㅋ I’m not that senseless!!!I’m touring for food and I will eat 5 meals~ By the way~ When is my honeymoon…? ^^;



@krungy21 I am against a fast honeymoon. Think before you act please



@shpthunder Huck… O.. Okay ㅋㅋ

140528 Cheondung’s Twitter Updates + Jongho’s Reply



I take music genre recommendations that fans wants MBLAQ to sing I take opinion from fans



hmm.. Since there are new genres to choose from I’ll give you options and choose which one you like or If you have other options too please tell meV0ynbxG


What to do you think is MBLAQ’s colour? Y vs oh yeah



I see people saying MBLAQ’s colour is Kakao black… ㅡ great..



It has a good feeling!!!!



Please make it with a better feeling super master hyungnim ㅋㅋ 



Composer Cheondung has good feelings!!!!!!

It has good feelings already!!! Think I can’t make it…..