140413 Sandara’s Twitter Update + Cheondung’s Reply


Haru Dara!! ♡ Our pretty Haru~ with Aunty Dara ^.^



Fish Haru!



Uncle Thunder!

[PERF] 140413 MBLAQ at SBS Inkigayo – Goodbye Stage


140413 Cheondung’s Twitter Update


Trans: Today’s last broadcast fans who cheering us up, Thank you so much! Why MBLAQ going to chat rooms, but I’ll talk.. i’ll let one conversation keke

[OTHER] 140411 MBLAQ’s “Broken” made it to Top 10 Billboard “World Album”

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MBLAQ’s sixth mini album, “Broken”, has made it to international song chart, the Top 10 Billboard “World Album”. Currently, the album that was released on March 24 ranked nine on the chart.

“World Album” is for albums that are not released in English. Besides the band, Super Junior M’s “Swing” has also peaked in the chart, taking the fifth rank.

This is proven that MBLAQ’s popularity overseas cannot be underestimated. They are also scheduled to start their South American tour in Chile on June 11 at Teatro Caupolican, Santiago De Chile, followed by in Peru on June 13 at Coliseo Eduardo Dibos, Lima, Peru.

For the time being, the boys are still promoting their latest single, “Be A Man”, on various television shows.

[OTHER] 140411 MBLAQ’s Thunder brags about his cute cat

Source: TTWIGO


MBLAQ’s Thunder has a beloved cat that is named Dadoong. The cat has been known by the band and 2NE1’s fans because the idol and Sandara Park often mention and upload pictures of the pet.

He once again showed his love to the cat by uploading its picture on his Twitter account yesterday, April 10.

“My son’s cute hands ♡,” he tweeted.

In the picture, Dadoong appears to be in a black bag placed on a red sofa.

Meanwhile, Thunder is currently busy with MBLAQ promoting their latest single, “Be A Man”, from their album with the same title on various music shows.


[CLIP] 140409 MBLAQ’s Greetings for Concert in Peru


[PHOTO] 140412 Cheondung at Puppy Dog Cafe

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[PERF] 140412 MBLAQ at Music Core – Goodbye Stage

[PREVIEW] 140412 Cheondung at MBLAQ’s Mini Fanmeet

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[CLIP] 140410 MBLAQ at MCountdown Backstage