Twitter: [@MBLAQGO] 130916 – G.O Updates w/ Heartwarming Pics of MBLAQ – “Don’t gain weight like me…”


Translation: “Everyone! Have a great Hangawi (Korean Thanks Giving)^^ The coming long weekend is going to be a good one so throughout the long weekend do eat a lot of yummy things and have a very very good time with your families! Don’t gain weight like me…”


Source: @MBLAQGO
Translation by:  MBLAQSG

111009 MBLAQ’s 2nd Japanese Single “Baby U” PV revealed

Wa! They revealed the PV for “Baby U” and the song has a very catchy beat that makes you fall in love with it immediately! Cheondung’s rap were flawless and it’s always good to hear him rapping in english, right?

PS. And all those BTS scenes…If you have a OTP involving Cheondung then you will find it here: Joondung, Seungdoong etc. :D

~Just let me touch your heart tonight~ 

Uploaded by MBLAQYNJ @YT

111007 Birthday greetings from Se7en, Rain, Ham Kyung Shik and members

Since it was Cheondung’s birthday today, the mblaq members (except Joon since he doesn’t have a twitter xD) and his hyungs each tweeted a birthday message to Doongie!


G.O (@MBLAQGO) Today is beloved Cheondoongie’s birthday! Everyone please congratulate him^^

Seungho (@MBLAQSH) Today is our Cheondungie’s birthday!
Please altogether celebrate with him and I’m recruiting the people who will do birth-bbang*^^

* birth-bbang’ is a kind of ceremony with beating for fun to celebrate his birthday

Mir (@bangmir) It’s Doong Doongie hyung’s birthday!! Congratulations!! Congratulations!! Kkyahahahaha!!

In which Thunder replied: Thank you maknae~ T_T see you later

Rest of the birthday greetings can be found under the cut!

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