News Article: [130922] Thunder Asks KARA’s Gyuri a Random Question for KARA’s Comeback

Fans have been curious about KARA ever since their comeback with “Damaged Lady” and their celebrity friends sent in questions for the girls!

MBLAQ‘s Thunder asked his ‘Nail Salon Paris‘ co-star Gyuri“Park Gyuri sshi, did you have a change in personality after filming your drama?” Gyuri replied, “Rather than a change in my personality, I felt different things because I was in a new environment during each filming.”

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News Article: [130629] MBLAQ’s Thunder has a new sister… KARA’s Gyuri?



Watch out Dara because your little brother, MBLAQ‘s Thunder, may just have another sister he wants to call his own and it’s none other than KARA‘s Gyuri!

Gyuri shared on her Twitter on the 28th, “At the President’s office with Thunder…If you just look at the photo without being given an explanation, we look like a group(…..).”

Gyuri and Thunder look like doppelgangers and even siblings with their similar smiles and short hairstyles. The pair seem to still be good friends after starring in the MBC QueeNdrama, ‘Nail Salon Paris‘, together.

Fans commented, “The two of them look alike”, “They look like siblings just like Thunder and Dara”, and “The two of them look good together.”

Nicole also replied to Gyuri‘s tweet with, “kekekekekekekekekeke“, possibly in agreement that the two look like a group…of doppelgangers.

Do you think Gyuri and Thunder can pull it off as siblings?

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Twitter: [@gyuri88] 130629 – KARA’s Gyuri Shares a Cute Selca with Thunder! “With Cheondung at the president’s office”

Omo! Thunder and Gyuri! Do I hear a seething Seungho somewhere? Haha! I hope Thunder and Gyuri became good friends!

Translation: “With Cheondung at the president’s office… if you just look at it like this with no further explanation it’s like we’re one group(…..)”


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Translated by: Holly @ ABM

Twitter: [@nailshop2013] ‘Nail Shop Paris’ Twitter Shares Last Drama Stills of Jin

Translation: “Chundoong’s last broadcast support message~^^

On placard: “Nail Shop Paris last episode, I request for lots of viewers”


Translation: “Also did you see yesterday’s tweet?? A very sick Jisoo ㅠㅠ Jin and Jisoo’s love is a sad ending?”


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Translated by: Holly@ ABM

Video: [CUT] NG-Prince Thunder aka ‘JIN’ on ‘Nail Shop Paris’ BTS

HOMG, THIS. We’ve been looking for this forever and it’s finally here! Thunder was so goofy behind the scenes of ‘Nail Shop Paris’! Oh my! He could’ve been the moodmaker! Anyways, NG means “No Good” scenes such as laughing or simply missing lines XD Thunder admitted to it during ‘NSP’ conference XD And… I never thought I’d see the day Thunder would dance to Beyonce’s ‘Single Ladies’

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