Got anything ChundoongThunderDoongie-related to share to us?

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34 thoughts on “Contribute

  1. MBLAQ will finally come to Manila, Philippines on March 31,2013!:D hopefully lots of A+ can come out and support them as it is their first time in Manila:) Knowing Thunder lived in the Philippines for quite some time, it would make him happy if lots of people can come out and support his group!!!:D thank you very much:)

    Here is the link to the poster of their show:D (sorry for the long link, its the only one i could find)

  2. Hello!!! I’m a big fan of Cheondoong. I might not be as crazy fan as others but I know that he is my favorite among all Kpop idols.

    One thing that bugged me though is about his family history. I heard rumors that his father left Dara and him but I am not sure if it’s true (well, Dara and her sexy magazine pictorial has numerous versions now so I learned to not believe immediately).

    So, because I was bored today and my Filipino friend was around, I suddenly got a mood for a little investigating. Turns out its true. Here are the links.

    You guys might already know this but I just accepted it now. I’ll just share this for those who where like me (just in case).

    1. Thank you for sharing but i guess whatever happened in the past is not important anymore.. Cheondung and his family is surely moved on and now making their own name in music industry. Thank you for your love and support to him. God bless! :)

  3. hi , annyeong !
    naneun ‘aia’ imnida —
    i’m A+ from indonesia , biggest fan of CHEON Dung
    i like all content in this blog : D improve it .


    1. Liane,I’m not skilled in drawing so I think your drawings are great. :) But I’ll just add your new drawing in the previous post, ok? I’ll just make a note for it.

  4. just wanna share this to you..he so adorable and freak’n hot at the sam time. i wish him 2 perform like this..<3*dies*
    i dont own the vid*

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