|BTS| Chundoong on the Set of Hot Chili Paper Plus 12 Photoshoot

This may not be new to some, but I’m making a post out of this just because I felt very happy when I read this. It made me a very proud noona.. lols.. =D This is a cut from MBLAQ’s interview for HOT CHILI PAPER PLUS 12 2010 SUMMER SPECIAL..

Shining charisma on stage <–> Exploding gag sense That gap has grabbed hold of girls’ hearts!


* Shooting sketch

This photo shoot and interview took place in the midst of promoting “Y.” The time provided was exactly one hour. It seemed they had a performance afterward, and we were given prior warning many times that, “We can’t give any extensions on time.” Just from that, our editorial team’s stress was heightened….. But the five who came to the studio weren’t worried about that! They started playing games on their phones, practicing wrestling moves on each other, and one member even fell asleep on the sofa — they were freedom itself. If we had more time, it would have been fun being able to see these types of heartwarming scenes as well as how they act normally, but we had no time!!! It was then that I met eyes with Cheondung.

He understood that we were rushing, and he took the initiative in getting his hair and make-up done, and after seeing that, the other members finally started preparing as well. The shoot started with the solo shots of each member. The proposed style was to have the other members reflected in the background behind the main person, but their staff said, “We don’t understand the final image,” and “That seems like it’ll take a lot of time,” but here as well, Cheondung helped us out! Before the others had even finished preparing, he appeared in the studio alone. He stood in front of the camera as the top batter, and he received a lecture from the cameraman. He understood the idea of the shoot more than anyone else. During the other members’ shoots he gave detailed directions, and readily enjoyed the shoot, which helped raise the spirits of the other members! Midway through we had to suspend the shoot because they were playing around so much, but that just meant that the scene was boisterous and filled with unending laughter (and yelling). The recipient of the fighting spirit award this time is undoubtedly Cheondung!


TRANSLATION: lnw1984@AbsoluteMBLAQ


For the full interview, click this:  Hot Chili Paper Plus Interview

For those who are interested what kind of photoshoot they did for this magazine, check this out:

cr: 4yangseungho;  source: Mican

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