|VIDS+PICS| 100830 Doongho’s last day on SUKIRA

Last August 30 was Doongho’s last day on KBS Cool FM Super Junior Kiss the Radio, where they had been fixed guests of the “Obstinate Research” segment with Super Junior’s Leeteuk and Eunhyuk for almost five months.

They sung Rain’s “Knowing” and BB Doongie sounded so good! TT TT

Credit: aianehae

Our friends from That’s Right also showered Doongie and the rest with gifts.

In this vid, Doongie lays down on the gifts, though you can’t see it properly.

Here’s a picture: ^^

Doongho checks out the gifts:

Bowing in front of the fans:

We will definitely miss seeing Doongie’s crazy antics and the brotherhood and lovelines he formed on the show. TT TT

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