|VIDS| Chundoong/MBLAQ Fancams in Thailand

MBLAQ went to Thailand last April 4-7, 2010 for the  Showking M Bangkok. And here are some fancams graciously shared by the fans who saw/stalked them. Of course, most of the vids I posted are Chundoong-centered.. 😀

Brief Summary of their stay:

Credit: Ployiknow

April 4, 2010

Credit: MJSooyoung

Credit: MYMBLAQ2009

Credit: nanz666

→ lols, the uploader cleared that they were shouting Cheolyong-ah and Mireu not Sandara and Chundoong-ah

April 5, 2010

Credit: berryzssss

Credit: candiezp

Credit: kenki13 (2 vids of CD singing)

Credit: nanz666 (4 vids right above)

April 6, 2010

Credit: 2PMFanatic1

→ they were leaving the hotel to go and perform for Showking M Bangkok

April 7, 2010

Credit: berryzssss

→ @ 1:44 my eyes went o.o

Credit: pompadourx

Credit: punkygirlyx

Credit: nanz666

→ lols, at the start they were taking a vid of the cute guy behind MBLAQ..  😀

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