|VIDS| Chundoong’s Skills/Capabilities: Part 1

You may have already watched these vids, but you might have overlooked something so here goes.. =)

IA Final Ep cut

cr. airtowns
→ Doongie did the choreography for his own performance. He also edited the music Mir used for his solo performance. ( I was trying to find a cut for Mir’s performance but I couldn’t find any.) This info is mentioned if you watch the subbed version of this episode. And…. the comments in this vid are love.. =)


MWave Special Stage

cr. arirangword
→ Krystal said “Chundoong, you looked great. You didn’t tell me you prepared all that!”,  I guess that means Chundoong again created the choreography for his special stage and that includes deciding what music to be used. Because if she was just referring to Chundoong dancing then she should have said, ” You didn’t tell me you prepared for that!” In addition, the dance style is similar to what he choreographed for his IA performance as posted above.


IA Ep 10 – Chundoong’s Music Show

cr. abmsubs
→ When he was singing OhYeah at the last vid, the caption read “MBLAQ Country Song Pride — Planning: Cheondung, Composition: Cheondung, Production: Cheondung”. Aside from that, in this ep you can watch Chundoong as the Main MC, the guest performer/s, and the judge as well. I guess that’s multi-tasking at its finest.. lmao.. 😀


Final Ep  Raising Idols

cr. sinaq2
→ Chundoong’s  Secret Camera Skills.. 😀 He got a flying kick from teacher Nadia afterwards..

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