|PICS+VID| Other Chinese Fansites Birthday Greetings to ChundoongThunderDoongie

These are from Thunder’s Baidu Bar. A lot of other fansites dropped by there to say their birthday greetings/ messages to ChundoongThunderDoongie.  But I’m just going to share some of the birthday pics they made for ChundoongThunderDoongie. ♥♥♥

Some of these fansites are Beast China, F(x) China, Khuntoria, YG, FT Island.. etc..

This slideshow requires JavaScript.

There’s also a birthday fanvid made by ParkSanghyun China but I don’t know how to embed Tudou vids.  If you want to watch it, just click this link and check out post #2: http://tieba.baidu.com/f?kz=906773704#sub

5 thoughts on “|PICS+VID| Other Chinese Fansites Birthday Greetings to ChundoongThunderDoongie

    • Hi zola.. 😀 Glad you found out about ohthunder..
      I really liked your birthday vid, especially the part when Doongie was sleeping on the floor.. whew!! hehe..
      And its really nice if we could also share that vid in youtube, coz some have trouble watching in other sites because it tends to be slow or the vids doesn’t load at all. However, the one who can upload vids in our youtube account is kinda busy now so I think we have to wait for her.
      Thanks for dropping by here. Let’s spread the love for MBLAQ Thunder.. 😀


      • youtube….

        now i know why i can’t see any of your vids,cause we can’t reach youtube in china.

        i really glad to put my work on oh thunder, it’s really a big honor for me .

        so when you guys got time ,plz contact with me^^

        and i appreciate if you guys would make friend with me,cause i wanna have doongie’s fans to be my friend^^


        • Hi, Zola! 🙂 For some reason, I can’t seem to e-mail you at your e-mail address using our e-mail address (ohthunder@gmail.com). 😦 But we would definitely love to have a copy of your Doongie fanvideo to share with other fans.


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