|VID| 101102 Chapstick MV “Part 4”?

Ok, just browsing around Youtube and then I found this vid. It seems like this vid is from the girl’s point-of-view, and we got to see some new scenes that we haven’t seen before in the three others.

Doongie in glasses looking abit shy, new Mir scene, and some new Joon and Seungho.

So what do you think? Is there a part 4, maybe 5 or what is this?? @__@

Uploaded by Teentopvn09 @YT

2 thoughts on “|VID| 101102 Chapstick MV “Part 4”?

  1. Hmmm, I’m still confused! I think MIR was the masked man! Also I think, doongie was the 1 who kissed her! At his part, they showed that doongie has feelings for her, right? And he was so shy to confessed his feelings! So that’s why, he just kissed her when the lights turned off! Lol, I’m not sure though! Anyways, I like doongie’s part, I even keep replaying on his part! And no offensed to the girl, but she’s kinda annoying! And she’s not that good in dancing! Kekeke^^


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