|NEWS + CUTS| 101114 ‘Star Golden Bell’ MBLAQ Thunder vs Lee Joon, … Who is the Winner?

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‘Star Golden Bell’ MBLAQ Thunder vs Lee Joon, Project of Being Evil Men ‘Acting Competition’ Who is the Winner?

MBLAQ members Thunder and Lee Joon had a bad men acting competition at KBS 2TV Star Golden Bell, which was broadcast at 13th.

Seo Yoojung who appeared in the Star Golden Bell demonstrated a scary evil character, which was shown at the MBC TV drama ‘Pink Lipstick’. Thunder and Lee Joon challenged to it afterwards and became a evil men as tbey showed their own individual charms.

Thunder who did a cute apple hair screamed “Yoo Gaeu~eun!” after saying “I will change as a evil man.:. However, guests asked “Isn’t it Lee Gyein?”, which gave out an laughter.

Jeon Hyunmoo introduced Lee Joon as he said “There’s a Hollywood star here” and told Seo Yoojung to “Evaluate his acting skill” . At the 1st try, Lee Joon presented the acting of eating a beef, which made guests taken aback. At the 2nd try, he showed a side of acting idol by pouring out an emotion of anger toward Jung Joori.

Seo Yoojung gave out a big laughter as she imitated Mnet ‘Super StarK 2”s judge by saying “It seems like you caught well of a dialogue tone which keeps increasing. Therefore, I will give 85 points.”.

Source: Daily TV
Original article link:http://news.nate.com…/20101114n01291
Translated and re-upload by seunghoeyecandy@mblaqattack
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credit:  KulRFox

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