|Pre-Debut| Thunder’s Past Photo

Source: ppl@bestiz.net
Reuploaded: xxsheena@mblaqattack.com

3 thoughts on “|Pre-Debut| Thunder’s Past Photo

  1. I remember this photo of him I saw years ago when I tried to search his name on Friendster. EHEM. It’s because I was surprised when I knew that my favorite girl, Sandara Park has a little brother. Which I did know because I saw him on a video clip. So the first thing I did is..I search the name of Sandy’s little bro. And so when I found it out it’s “Sang Hyun Park”, I immediately tried to hunt his profile on Friendster to see more of his photos. (LOL that was 4 years ago I guess? HAHAHAHAHA)

    TIME REALLY FLIES. tadaaaaaaaah! That guy I was stalking (online) before is now the very hottie-innocent guy CHEUNDONG/THUNDER of MBLAQ. WOW~! *JAW DROP* (by the way I’m from Philippines ^^)


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