|NEWS + FCAM| Thunder Kissed Yang JiWon in the Chapstick CF

Which MBLAQ member got to kiss Yang Ji Won in the ChapStick CF?

We reported back in October about the MBLAQ boys starring in an intense ChapStick CF with former T-ara member, Yang Ji Won. The CF ended with a dramatic cliffhanger, in which Yang Ji Won and the viewers were left wondering who had boldly kissed her in the dark.

The identity of the rogue kisser was revealed at the ChapStick Party on December 15th, at the Saecheonyeon Hall in Konkuk University.

The MBLAQ members and Ji Won performed two songs from the CF, and fans also got the chance to play games with them.

The highlight was of course the unveiling of which MBLAQ member had kissed Yang Ji Won in the CF. It was revealed to be no other than Thunder!

by Casper at AKP

Chundoong Got Acting Lessons from Lee Joon?

I think some of these Chinese translations were incorrect xDDD
If anyone could confirm?






Chungdoong attended “a party with MBLAQ” at Konkuk University on the 15.
He said: “The image I assumed this time is like a fool who can’t show what they feel like and also a shy/embarrased image, there’s a big audience and it’s very tiring to act.”

After, Chundoong says: “I got acting guidance from Lee Joon.” MC Kim Inseok asked:”It’s very hard to act this well without previous experience of unrequited love, have you had any experiences?” like this to Chundoong’s teacher in acting: Lee Joon. Lee Joon answered honestly: “I have had previous experiences of unrequited love.”

Lee Joon said: “Many times when I experienced unrequited love, it was because I asked too late. While I was worrying about how to ask her out, out of nowhere she’d already have a boyfriend.” The sad love story came out.

On the other hand, through CF “If Love Goes” features images very similar to the 5 boys to start a battlefield for the lady.


Chinese translation:chenmo@MBLAQChina
English translation:SeungLaLa@mblaqattack
Please take this out with full credits

The reveal of who kissed the girl:

reup: AbsoluteMBLAQ

My comment:
They finally revealed who kissed the girl, but I still don’t get the CF’s storyline. I must be slow not to understand the MV/ Music Drama.  And there goes Thunder’s first kiss, on-screen and off-screen!  Oh well, next topic please! hehe… 😀

9 thoughts on “|NEWS + FCAM| Thunder Kissed Yang JiWon in the Chapstick CF

    • well, he said he never had a gf and he never dated so I would assume that its his first real-life kiss too… in idol army, his first date was with Eunjung of T-ara.. and this girl he kissed was a former T-ara member too.. at least now there wouldn’t be a stigma that he never dated and has never kissed a girl.. that pressure is off his back now..


        • Well, I think so.. Especially since he is already 21 years (Korean age) and Mir who is younger have more ‘experiences’ than him in that area.. Actually, in one tv interview, he was asked about not having any gf since birth and he said that he doesn’t want to talk about that anymore because there’s nothing to be proud about it.. and the lady said, ” Yes, because people would think there’s something wrong about you.” And Thunder answered that there is something wrong about him.. He said its because he’s shy, he couldn’t look at the girl even though she’s just beside him..


      • Ohhh,
        I guess it’s understandable then, why he looked so happy presenting himself as the mystery man.

        Aha, as great as it is for him, ’tis a sad night for me.


        • awww.. I’m with you.. I’m not exactly happy about this either.. But let’s just see the bright side of things, even though its really tiny.. 🙂 Especially since we cannot do anything about it anymore, its been done already. ( well we can c*** and blame the brains behind the storyline of this cf.. I think that’s all we can do.. :P)


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