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It could appeal to people that even MBLAQ can sing such a song (G.O)

MBLAQ, who becomes active in activities in Korea, is currently working with full strength on the production of their first full album that is set to be released in Korea. To become the number one group all 5 of them are not sparing their effort.

So while waiting for the completion of the album, PATi PATi succeeded in an exclusive coverage about the 2 songs that are also important in MBLAQ’s career last year. Without further ado, we are presenting you the newest interview.

Among the title songs of KBS2 TV drama “Fugitive Plan B” in which RAIN (Bi) plays the leading role and became a hot topic, 2 MBLAQ’s songs are appointed. “Running & Running,” that was used formerly, has MBLAQ’s signature style. Having an impressive dance number as the good points of the melody, as an “OST,” or original soundtrack of a drama, it was released in Korea on October 13th last year.

“Bang Bang Bang,” the next appointed, was distributed online with charge on November 24th and attained the first place in downloading count on the distribution sites. It is not decided if it will be released as an OST. Apart from this these 2 songs are not planned to be included in an album, and also being the fact that no official comments have been announced yet, it became a precious interview.

—-At what kind of scenes in the drama was “Running & Running” used?
Seungho: It was used at the scenes when the investigation team is running around for arresting the drama’s lead role “Jiwoo [RAIN (Bi)]” and as the ending theme.

—-Danceable pop is the style MBLAQ is good at, so what kind of effect do you think that “Running & Running” gave in that drama?
I think that with the sound that has a feeling of speed the thrill of the chasing scenes is further up and it was possible to connect the development between scenes dynamically.

—-In what way was “Bang Bang Bang,” the next appointed, used?
I think that as the ending theme of the drama’s season 2,”Bang Bang Bang” is conveying the pleasant feeling of solving a case.

—-“Bang Bang Bang” is a song with a fairly strong rock color even in MBLAQ’s repertoire, but what was enjoyable when trying to singing it? Or at which part did you have a hard time?
I don’t have much hard time (laugh). Compared to “Running & Running,” this is still a song with a new style that differs from the conventional MBLAQ, so I think it was very enjoyable when singing it and could appeal to people that even MBLAQ can sing such a song.
Cheondoong: Our fans also like our new music genre and I was really happy.

No doubt that it will be the greatest album!

—-Speaking of now, since about when have you started to think of your first full album that is in the middle of producing?
Joon: Since around last June when we completed our 2nd single “Y” activities we started our preparation. For our first full album, we have been doing training focusing on where MBLAQ has been lacking so far and are also working hard now in order to complete a perfect album.

—-Among the members did you discuss about doing what kind of album?
Not only about the album, we have been always having communication related to performances. Lately even when there is a little bit of time, we have been preparing as we exchange opinions concerning the songs in the full album, dance, etc.

—-What kind of album does it seem to become?
As much as we keep people waiting for a long time, to complete the greatest album unlimited time has been devoted into practising.
Cheondoong: And I think we can show a more grown-up appearance while we are keeping MBLAQ’s color.
Seungho: No doubt that it will be the greatest album!

—-Looking forward to it. And as MBLAQ the thing you want to challenge in 2011 is?
First of all, attaining the grand prize in music awards ceremonies!
Seungho: We did not have activities during the ceremonies in 2010 and are sorry that we could not participate much, so we certainly want to get the grand prize in the awards ceremonies in 2011!

—-Lastly, please tell us your anticipation in 2011.
In 2011 all MBLAQ members will do activities healthily, and I certainly want our 1st album to break through!
G.O: It’d be nice if our 1st album becomes a big hit. We must show you a cooler appearance of MBLAQ in 2011.
Joon: I hope that our family and MBLAQ members can always stay healthy, also all fans can live healthily, and MBLAQ’s 1st album can have a good result.
Cheondoong: All fans can always stay healthy, amd I think that it’s good to get the grand prize with MBLAQ’s 1st album!
Mir: MBLAQ’s 1st album becomes a big hit and let’s meet you all in the awards ceremonies! Fighting and become a cooler MBLAQ in 2011!

Source: [강태공이준 @ Bestiz]
Translation by mocha@AbsoluteMBLAQ

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