|PICS+VID| 110127 BigBang Seungri and Thunder interactions

Added 2 pic! 28/1

So on today’s Mnet!Countdown Seungri won his 1:st win with his song “VVIP” and Doongie were one of the idols who congratulated him.

Seeing that Seungri hugged Doongie and Doongie even put confetti in Seungri’s hair, they certainly knew eachother from before.

Maybe thanks to his noona, Dara, he got to knew all of  the YG Family? We already knew that Thunder is close with Se7en. I think it’s safe to say that he supports the YG Family! 😀

Source: Various news sites

More pics and the ending vid after the cut!

Mnet!Countdown ending

Source: Mnet

Re-uploaded by Official2NE1TV

6 thoughts on “|PICS+VID| 110127 BigBang Seungri and Thunder interactions

  1. I believe they became close during the idol athletics filming.saw some fancams where I saw seungri talking to thunder.he had only affectionate smiles towards our baby doongie.


  2. oh prince thunder loves seungri..i like his black hair now
    unlike the blonde who looks dull and dry..he’s more handsome
    with black hair just like hyun bin oppa..lol.


  3. oh..prince thunder loves seungri..
    i love his black hair now..his blonde hair looks dull and dry..
    he’s more handsome with black hair..just like hyun bin oppa.lol.


  4. never knew they were close, but since dara is so close w/ seungri, i can now imagine that..seungri is like a big brother to thunder.


  5. Wahhh, this is so cute! Seeing this, I think Doongie is close w/ YG artists, just look at how he put the confetti at Seungri’s hair, and they even hugged! If I’m not mistaken, Doongie is actually the shy type, right?! Ahh, it’s good to see him interacts w/ some YG artists!
    And I do love black hair for him, but I don’t like the way they cut his hair!


  6. they look really close to each other since they are almost the same age right? and I can’t believe he went back to black hair i love him with blond hair what happened?


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