|CAPS+VID| 110223 MBLAQ @ Pops in Seoul

Only Seungho, Doongie and Joon appeared in this show. But on the bright side, it got my two favorite Doongie pairings: SeungDoong and JoonDoong 😀

Source: Bestiz

More caps and the vid under the cut!


Source : mazingga

Re-uploaded by wasser00000 @YT

3 thoughts on “|CAPS+VID| 110223 MBLAQ @ Pops in Seoul

  1. enjoyedthank you hahah really it, haha when CD did the hiphop step girls were like OMG!! Look that shirt haha take it off CD!!! XD luv him


  2. lol. thunder really likes his cat sentence hahaha. but the pops in seoul staff got the translation wrong. doongie said ‘There is a cat in the room’ — not garden 🙂


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