|NEWS| 110313 MBLAQ gives a special “bathroom” interview!

I will just post the Thunder-parts and other parts will be omitted.  You can read the whole news by clicking on the source (allkpop)

We revealed earlier that the members of MBLAQ had a special interview on Mnet Wide’s newest corner, “Refreshing Interview“, in that most private of rooms – the inner sanctum of one’s daily routine – that’s right, the interview was held in a bathroom.  Perhaps the PDs intended the title to have a double entendre, but funny title or not, the interview was highly entertaining, revealing, and – dare we say it – refreshing (no pun intended).

An unsuspecting Lee Joon had the first interview, and his interviewer was none other than fellow member G.O.  Lee Joon, with his goofy variety persona, ranked himself first in terms of looks, with maknae Thunder in 2nd, G.O. in 3rd, Mir 4th, and Seungho 5th.  He also ranked himself first in terms of humor, which earned him a fart-bomb from G.O.

(Part omitted)

Translated and posted by Allkpop

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The next member to be interviewed was leader Seungho.  He ranked himself first in terms of looks, G.O. 2nd, Thunder 3rd, and 4th Lee Joon.

(Part omitted)

The next victim was maknae Thunder, who had a bad cough as he was walking into the bathroom.  Apparently the interview was a surprise, because he almost used the toilet before G.O. stopped him.  When asked to rank the members in terms of looks, he said, “Mir is 1st, Seungho is 2nd, 3rd is Lee Joon, 4th is me, and 5th is G.O.” But when the fart bombs were thrown in, Thunder’s cold prevented him from smelling anything.

Then G.O. asked, “Are you innocent/pure?”  When Thunder answered in the affirmative, G.O. then asked, “Who’s the least innocent/most corrupt of the members?“  Thunder answered, “You!  I found 30 GB video files on your computer!“  Those 30 GB file videos on G.O.’s laptop were apparently porn, which Thunder then accused G.O. of giving to Lee Joon.  G.O. maintained his innocence, saying that Lee Joon wanted them, so he simply paid for them and gave them to Lee Joon.  But then Thunder asked, “Then why did you keep them?“  He revealed that the file name was “Pigeon”, and said he found them “while I was looking for something else, and the moment I found it, I lost my innocence!

Finally, G.O. asked, if in a post-apocalyptic situation, where the only survivors were 2NE1’s Dara and MBLAQ, if he’d ever introduce any one of the members to his sister.  In a display of protective brotherly love, he told G.O. to throw in 10 fart bombs.  G.O. protested, saying that, “Mankind will go extinct, then.”  Thunder responded, “Then let it be.

The rest of the episode consisted of cuts of the members goofing around, at dance practice, and shooting photos underwater for the cover of their latest album, BLAQ STYLE.  In one part, Seungho showed off his piano skills by playing the intro to the album, “Sad Memories“.  Finally, at the end of the episode, the members played various games together.

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