3 thoughts on “[0723201] MBLAQ @ MTV CYWORLD MUSIC FESTIVAL

  1. Dear Admin,

    I am an avid fan of thunder since their debut and kept on visiting this site months ago.
    Thunder had been the most underrated mblaq member and I knew that he was aware of it.
    His name seldom comes up on youtube comments section and was always tagged as dara’s brother.
    But now, the table is turned..everybody in youtube comments about how handsome he is and it makes me very happy.
    He is now making a name on his own, I am very proud of my baby.
    My love for him just keeps on growing, you know the feeling of raising a puppy? That is what I feel for him haha it’s odd right?
    Sometimes I replay mblaq’s old videos and I still can’t believe that he grown up so fast and beautiful.
    I know that one of these days, this site will gain more visitors and so before that I want to commend you for your undying support to thunder.
    Keep up the good work.
    Our baby is now a man.

    Louiese from New Zealand


    • Hi Louiese,

      Thank you so much for visiting us here at OH! Thunder and like what you’ve said i’m so happy everytime i read something good about him. Please continue to support these site and lets spread the good news about him.



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