110728 [INTERVIEW] ODINA Vol.6 Part 1

Credit: ___mini via twitter
Scans: http://www.absolutemblaq.net/forums/index.php?showtopic=8479
Translator : mocha @ AbsoluteMBLAQ

Unfortunately it’s raining today again. Speaking of MBLAQ, it often rains on the day of your event or interview. How much is the “rain man* degree” of all of you?
Seungho (laugh)
G.O About 90%.

Among all of you who summons the rain the most?
Mir All members do.
Joon There isn’t anyone specific.
Seungho It’s more related to the size of the event than who. The larger the stage, the higher the probability of rain (laugh).
G.O It was like that at Lazona Kawasaki, and also in Korea at the time of big events like Dream Concert it generally rains.

Your debut song “Your Luv” shone at the 1st place of Oricon daily chart. Was that expected?
Seungho It couldn’t be imagined.

So what rank did you expect?
Seungho We always thought that it would be nice if we got 1st place. As that came true we were happy.
Cheondung We are all like that, too!
G.O Me, too!

We hope that you will get 1st place with your second and third single as well.
Mir Well, we hope for that, too, and we’re also expecting that it might be so. Hahaha! (laugh)

Are you under pressure?
Seungho People who hear the song that we think is good also think it’s a good song. We are preparing to show good things, so rather than pressure the feeling of wanting to show a good stage earlier comes first.

When compared to your songs in Korea, the dance of “Your Luv” is a gentleman style dance like a chic-dol (chic idol) in real life.
Seungho A lot of our title songs in Korea have a strong image, and while we should revive that feeling, our choreography has also become intense. However, “Your Luv” is a cheerful love song, so though it has impact it’s become a light dance.

Do you want to try music and dance that propose more strength in Japan as well?
G.O Yes. From now on we will be showing our change bit by bit, but no matter what kind of stage we are going to have, we are not concerned with the degree of difficulty of the dance, and there’s no change in doing our best.

What is MBLAQ’s strong point that no one but only you yourselves have?
Seungho Powerful performance with chicness!

Now that you have dominated the 1st place of Oricon, it seems that you are also irresistible in the world of J-POP. If you have to name a rival?
G.O Everyone is our rival, since all artists are working as hard as they can.
Seungho Everyone has his strong and weak points, so we are learning a lot from different people. Also, while we are monitoring ourselves we are improving as well, so like what G.O said everyone is our rival.

Being both good at variety and good-looking is MBLAQ’s charm. They are called chic-dols on stage and popular as gag-dols (comical style idols) if offstage, However, how do they truly look like in private? Same as their character, their everyday wear is also in gag style? When we threw a talk about fashion to the 5, this has again become an interesting unfoldment.

I enjoyed watching variety program “Sesame Player.” I think the secret of making it funny is its atmosphere that is free like ab-lib. Did you also jointly contribute your own ideas?
Seungho As for the parts like bathroom talk, we honestly answer the questions that were prepared. Excluding that, all the things that we do like flying, jumping and playing games by us only during the free time has no script.

Do you play the games that you play in the program at your dorm also?
All Ahahahahaha (laugh). No, we don’t!
Seungho Those are the games that were intentionally prepared for the program, so we don’t play them in daily life.

Wasn’t there any game you have thought of trying to play at your dorm also because it was fun?
G.O (replies immediately) No!
Joon As there are too many things we have to do when the filming is over, we also don’t have time to play games. For this reason, though it was a filming, we enjoyed the games earnestly. We don’t have any time to play.

There are also fart bombs for the penalty in the bathroom talk.
Joon That’s fun, too.
G.O Well, the smell is a bit strong, though.

Cheondung, you have no reaction to the fart bombs, right?
Cheondung I think I’m the type that is insensitive to smell. However, I’ve been unable to stand the smell of public washroom before.

To the other members how strong is it?
Joon I get a headache right away, and when I come out from the bathroom I get the smell on my clothes.

Your humor in variety is making the impression of “MBLAQ = Gag-dols” strong. However, is there a person who thinks, “Actually I’m not a gag-dol!”?
Cheondung I don’t even have one key element of gag-dol in me. Because the other 4 have built up the gag-dol image, even I’m being seen as that…… but to gags I don’t have any intense feeling or obsession, and I lack in the talent of entertaining people. It seems like I’m also thought to be funny when I’m together with the members. Having said that, it’s not that I’m a 100% chic-dol also…… if to say which, maybe chic-dol.

How about the other members? What is the percentage of gag-dol and chic-dol in yourself?
Mir As for me chic-dol is 90%. Everyone has a misunderstanding of me being very childish, thoughtless, silly and so on. However, when compared to other kids I settled down relatively early, because I only make fun of people whom I’m close to. I’m quite a cautious person.
Joon With gag being 60% chic is 40%. It seems that one becomes like that when doing entertainment activities for a long time.
Seungho We are called gag-dols, but we are just showing our undisguised form as it is. Don’t entertainers, position-wise, do things like concealing their daily life? However, we don’t want to do that. As it’s natural to show our chic look on stage, I feel that not showing our usual selves even offstage is like a deceit because we don’t want to lie. Therefore the chic side on stage is half, and the natural gag side besides that is half.
G.O As what Seungho said, we’re just showing our natural selves. We amuse ourselves with that. In my case chic-dol is 70% and gag-dol is about 30%.

For your fashion on stage you also have chic black as the basis. How about your fashion in private?
Seungho We are often asked, “Since you are MBLAQ do you wear black clothes only?” Certainly even in private I have a lot of black clothes. Ordinarily I live gloo~mily (laugh).

Shall we try commenting on each other’s everyday fashion here? The first one is Joon!
Seungho Joon is not the type that enjoys shopping, I suppose. He rarely goes out to buy clothes. He’s the type that dresses well in his own style with the clothes on hand.
G.O That’s right. Joon skillfully wears clothes that fit himself.
Joon I almost never buy clothes for myself. Clothes from home and those that were bought for me are the majority.

The next is Seungho.
Joon First of all his jackets attract attention. And then he loves New Era’s caps. Hiphop style, isn’t it?
Does attracting attention mean showy?
Seungho No no, it doesn’t mean that. My jackets have an ordinarily simple feeling. I like wearing something on top, but in summer it’s different.

How about G.O?
Mir He wears clothes for self-satisfaction only.
All (Loud explosive laughter)
Mir To be able to satisfy himself. Therefore, in other words, it doesn’t mean that he likes brand name products……
All (Loud explosive laughter)
Joon That’s right. That expression is right on!
Mir So he dresses himself up…… in his own way.
G.O What are you talking about~!?
Mir His everyday wear is also 90% in black.
Joon Is it no doubt that 90% is brand name products (laugh)?
Seungho What that means is that with dressing more simply than I do he’s the type that adorns with accessories. He thinks that the body is also a piece of clothing and is exercising eagerly. His style has become good, and his dressing is becoming good even more.

In other words, you are doing body design?
G.O Yes, I’m doing that recently, because I’m aware of the fashion that fits me.

How about Cheondung?
G.O He has a lot of accessories and small articles somehow or other. No matter what kind of fashion it is, he can match that with his accessories that fit that, and completes (his look) in stylishness.

Does he even have a lot in his dorm room?
Joon He has exceedingly a lot.
Cheondung I don’t have that many, though……

So have the other members ever borrowed them?
G.O I steal them.
Joon That’s right. I steal them.
Cheondung That explains why they disappeared one by one.

Please list the best 3 of your favorite fashion items from your big collection.
Cheondung My sneakers, brand name shoes and the short pants that I last bought. These are my favorite right now. When I’m in Korea, I dress up stylishly even when I go to the convenience store.

What is fashion to you?
Cheondung Frankly, it’s my identity!

So the last one is Mir!
All He’s a beggar!

What does that mean?
Mir I absolutely don’t buy clothes for myself. In other words, I have no clothes.
Joon But when he buys clothes…… Well, let’s not talk about this.

Oh, what is it really?
Joon Ah, I was going to talk about it, but since Mir didn’t say anything bad about me (I’ll drop it).
Mir It’s ok, you know.
Joon I’m really saying it.
Cheondung Ok, ok.
Joon Even though he doesn’t buy clothes, he would do things like paying a huge amount of money for accessories or one ring……
All (Explosive laughter)
Cheondung And only brand name products at that.
Joon So he buys brand name products with clothes excluded.
Mir So far the highest price I’ve paid is, when excluding clothes, over tens of millions won……!? I’m kidding, just kidding.
G.O He loves brand name products, but he can’t manage them even if he bought them. When he’s used them once he just abandons them. As he’s also like that to his clothes, he’s the type that uses and then throws them away.
Mir The type that throws away brand name products?
Cheondung The thing is that Seungho hyung reuses them…… When he is walking at home he would pick them up one-by-one, and yet they are all brand-new.

Therefore Seungho wears Mir’s hand-me-downs?
Seungho They are not given to me as hand-me-downs. I’m managing them. It’s because I think other than using them and then throwing them away, using them properly is the courtesy to clothes .
G.O Courtesy to clothes? (laugh)
In other words, Seungho looks good in brand name clothes, too.
Mir Ahahaha, the conversation up to this point is all a joke, I tell you. As I haven’t found the (type of) fashion that fits me yet, I just can’t buy anything special.
Joon You can honestly say that you have no clothes, you know.
Mir Please buy me clothes (laugh).
Joon Jeez, even though it’s an interview he said, “Please buy me clothes”! He became a beggar all of a sudden (explosive laughter).
Cheondung Saying “I wear brand name products only” and “please buy me clothes” is kind of……

If we bring what you have said to a conclusion, you don’t have any clothes?
Mir I sure do, but they tell me, “Don’t wear them.”

“Don’t wear them”?
Mir Yes. “Don’t wear them.”
Cheondung Because he’s a terrorist.
Seungho He’s a fashion terrorist. For example, this happened before. Cheondung was unable to stand by any longer and re-coordinated the clothes that Mir picked by himself at the hotel. Then Mir totally became a different person.
G.O As all members’ taste of fashion is clear, Mir is, if anything, the type that has no interest in clothes themselves.
Mir If I wear brand name products, everyone thinks that I become stylish. But it looks like I have no fashion sense……

In the view of Mir who is such a fashion terrorist, who is the fashionista in MBLAQ?
Mir Cheondung! Because his sense is good, and also there are lots of good stuff in the clothes and accessories that he has.

How about the “airport fashion” that is in a boom recently? As you attract a lot of attention you don’t feel relieved, right?
Seungho I don’t particularly aware of it. There’s not much difference from usual.
G.O I want to look good and handsome.
Joon As for me the feeling of dressing nice is good, I suppose.
Cheondung Wearing comfortably is the point.
Mir As long as it suits me well!

*T/N: Rain man is a man whose presence seems to cause rain.

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