111007 Birthday greetings from Se7en, Rain, Ham Kyung Shik and members

Since it was Cheondung’s birthday today, the mblaq members (except Joon since he doesn’t have a twitter xD) and his hyungs each tweeted a birthday message to Doongie!


G.O (@MBLAQGO) Today is beloved Cheondoongie’s birthday! Everyone please congratulate him^^

Seungho (@MBLAQSH) Today is our Cheondungie’s birthday!
Please altogether celebrate with him and I’m recruiting the people who will do birth-bbang*^^

* birth-bbang’ is a kind of ceremony with beating for fun to celebrate his birthday

Mir (@bangmir) It’s Doong Doongie hyung’s birthday!! Congratulations!! Congratulations!! Kkyahahahaha!!

In which Thunder replied: Thank you maknae~ T_T see you later

Rest of the birthday greetings can be found under the cut!


Ham Kyung Shik (@makejenny) Doong doong ah happy birthday~~ hehe

Which Thunder replied: Teacher~ ㅠ thank you very much!!


Rain (@29rain) Happy birthday Doong-ah. When I first saw our Doongie you were just a tall, nice high school student and now you have become a cool man. I love you our maknae ^^ Your gift ~~ Hyung will give it before enlisting hehe

[Note: Rain called Doongie the maknae hehe. When G.O corrected him, he said it was because he thought he was the maknae when they first met.]

Which Thunder replied: Hyung thank you! T_T Present… All the things you’ve taught me over these 2 years are a present to me! I will go to your concert on October 9th!! I will become a better singer! I love you Ji-hoon Hyung! T_T

[A convo]

Se7en (@officialse7en) Doong-ah~!! Happy birthday, truly!!! I hope you’ll fly higher!!! We love U too!!! GO MBLAQ!!!

Thunder: Hyung thank you so much!! T_T we will work harder!! Fighting!

Se7en: Yes!!! I’ll buy delicious food for you. Call me^^

Thunder: Waa~!! I like Yeolbong Steam Chicken, hyung!! >_< kekeke

Se7en: keke You buy Yeolbong for yourself~ Choose expensive foods^^ Anyway holla~~

Thunder: hehe By searching internet thoroughly, I’ll find famous delicious restaurants, hyung!! kekeke

Source: G.O, Mir, Cheondung, Ham Kyung Shik, Rain, Se7en twitter accounts

Translations by linxiie, qwert, SeylalovesJoon @AbsoluteMBLAQ Forum, ch32R8sh and AMBTWEETS @Twitter

2 thoughts on “111007 Birthday greetings from Se7en, Rain, Ham Kyung Shik and members

  1. ohhh this is sooo nice….they all are soo sweet….i hope they fly higher and become the best of what they are….and for ji-hoon a.k.a RAIN…i like you in full house….i hope to see you personally someday…if faith permits! (=^.^=)’


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