111007 Birthday greetings from Se7en, Rain, Ham Kyung Shik and members

Since it was Cheondung’s birthday today, the mblaq members (except Joon since he doesn’t have a twitter xD) and his hyungs each tweeted a birthday message to Doongie!


G.O (@MBLAQGO) Today is beloved Cheondoongie’s birthday! Everyone please congratulate him^^

Seungho (@MBLAQSH) Today is our Cheondungie’s birthday!
Please altogether celebrate with him and I’m recruiting the people who will do birth-bbang*^^

* birth-bbang’ is a kind of ceremony with beating for fun to celebrate his birthday

Mir (@bangmir) It’s Doong Doongie hyung’s birthday!! Congratulations!! Congratulations!! Kkyahahahaha!!

In which Thunder replied: Thank you maknae~ T_T see you later

Rest of the birthday greetings can be found under the cut!


Ham Kyung Shik (@makejenny) Doong doong ah happy birthday~~ hehe

Which Thunder replied: Teacher~ ㅠ thank you very much!!


Rain (@29rain) Happy birthday Doong-ah. When I first saw our Doongie you were just a tall, nice high school student and now you have become a cool man. I love you our maknae ^^ Your gift ~~ Hyung will give it before enlisting hehe

[Note: Rain called Doongie the maknae hehe. When G.O corrected him, he said it was because he thought he was the maknae when they first met.]

Which Thunder replied: Hyung thank you! T_T Present… All the things you’ve taught me over these 2 years are a present to me! I will go to your concert on October 9th!! I will become a better singer! I love you Ji-hoon Hyung! T_T

[A convo]

Se7en (@officialse7en) Doong-ah~!! Happy birthday, truly!!! I hope you’ll fly higher!!! We love U too!!! GO MBLAQ!!!

Thunder: Hyung thank you so much!! T_T we will work harder!! Fighting!

Se7en: Yes!!! I’ll buy delicious food for you. Call me^^

Thunder: Waa~!! I like Yeolbong Steam Chicken, hyung!! >_< kekeke

Se7en: keke You buy Yeolbong for yourself~ Choose expensive foods^^ Anyway holla~~

Thunder: hehe By searching internet thoroughly, I’ll find famous delicious restaurants, hyung!! kekeke

Source: G.O, Mir, Cheondung, Ham Kyung Shik, Rain, Se7en twitter accounts

Translations by linxiie, qwert, SeylalovesJoon @AbsoluteMBLAQ Forum, ch32R8sh and AMBTWEETS @Twitter

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2 Responses to 111007 Birthday greetings from Se7en, Rain, Ham Kyung Shik and members

  1. cutie_chelle says:

    ohhh this is sooo nice….they all are soo sweet….i hope they fly higher and become the best of what they are….and for ji-hoon a.k.a RAIN…i like you in full house….i hope to see you personally someday…if faith permits! (=^.^=)’

  2. danelle says:

    ohh..such a sweet convo ..seven and thunder and mblaq members so sweet..
    rain truly loves him

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