110900 COOL轻音乐 -426 Issue (Chinese mag)

So we have an article about Wei Chen’s first onstage performance of Run Away in M! Countdown featuring Joon and Cheondung.

Scanned by 幻紫流云

Uploaded by JenのYi @ Oh Thunder

I also did a rough translation of the article which can be found under the cut!

The article is actually a “One Day diary” by Wei Chen and in it he is talking about the memorable day when he flew to Korea to perform the collab song with Cheondung and Joon.
Under the title: 28号,是我登台的日子, he is telling us how he prepared his performance by going to the salong first to re-dye his hair, fix his make-up for a perfect imgae, and then he did a chinese interview with COOL 轻音乐. He also said that he has been to Mnet before so it’s not unfamiliar to him, and during that visit he saw Big Bang’s performance of ~Love song~.

[Wei Chen is also the first chinese singer to perform on M! Countdown and he is grateful for this opportunity]

And finally under the title: Joon & 天动 又见面了!(Joona and Cheondung we meet again!) it’s the only part about these 2 blaqies. Wei Chen said he is grateful to them since they came and cheered for him on his first onstage perf. and completed a cool performance.

This is the second time they meet eachother; the first time were during recording of the song and compared to that time, now when everyone have their make-up and gears on they feel like it’s the first time they met eachother. Wei Chen also said that Joon is a very passionate guy but Cheondung on the other is more calmer, and since the age gap is not to big they have some common topics to talk with eachother about.

Joon is very humorous and when singing chinese he will come to Wei Chen and ask him about the pronunciations, and when he couldn’t pronunce it he will become mad at himself and WeiChen thinks it’s very cute. On the other hand Cheondung’s chinese is alot better, and Wei Chen heard that he went to Guang Dong or Hong Kong before, and have been to a chinese school, so he could read pinyin (the official system to transcribe Chinese characters into the Roman alphabet) so chinese is ok for him, but Joon had to learn everything from the beginning.

The lyrics were written by Wei Chen so he and the producer decided which parts will be sung who. The producer will test singing they song and during those parts where he thinks the pronunciations is not to difficult, those parts will be given to Joon and Cheondung. Wei Chen had to do some adjustments because of Joon/Cheondung’s pronunciation problems. He gave us an example: They couldn’t pronunce the word “人” which stands for people and no matter how hard they try there is not enough time to get it right so he gave some other words for them instead. They also did a more detailed backstage interview that will be published in the next issue of COOL Magazine

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