That’s Right’s gifts for Thunder!

So many amazing gifts from our friends from! And so sweet of them to include gifts for Dadoongie too 😀 I just loooove the fanart of Doongie and Dadoongie! 😀 See them under the cut!

[Warning: Very long pictures so please be a little patient ^^ ]


9 thoughts on “That’s Right’s gifts for Thunder!

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  2. how i wish i could give presents to too thunder..T_T im sorry im still dependent to my parents.. but in the future i promise to have something for you. i even made up my mind to go to korea to see you..! i promise.<3 i'll study hard and graduate for you.. i will definitely see you perform live.! i have my finals later..i'll do my best.!fighting.!


    DAebak 😀 ever1 is so generous …hehehe…
    evrything is so xpnsive and cute ..but definitely rooting for the doll 😀 it’s so like him 😀 WOOOOOOOW thunder the living doll…


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