|SCANS| 111000 COOL轻音乐 -October Issue (Chinese mag)

Yay, we finally got better scans of this interview with JoonDoong and Wei Chen, that I first posted here: https://ohthunder.wordpress.com/2011/10/10/111000-cool轻音乐-october-issue-chinese-mag/

Stay tuned for a rough translation by me 😀

Scans by 幻紫流云 @魏晨吧

Translation by JenのYi (Jennisity @Twitter)

17/10 Trans of the first part of the interview “Hello, Stranger”

18/10 Trans of the second part “Hello, Sunbae-nim”

25/10 Trans of the last part “Hello, Chingu”


-Still remember the first time you met? The first impression of eachother?
Wei Chen: I met Joon and Thunder for the first time at the recording of <RUN AWAY>, and becasue of the language barrier we only used some simple greeting phrases, and the first impression, both of them are outstanding idols. (laugh)
Joon: I was very nervous the first time I met Wei Chen Hyung, and we had some language difficulties…but while listening to the music, he also began to teach us a little chinese pronunciation, and the nervous feeling I had just vanished and the recording went very well. Wei Chen Hyung why did you pick us? (laugh)
Wei Chen: Because this is a China/Korea cooperation between two large companies, so except the cooperation between the companies, we also wanted to have a interaction between these two countries artists.
Thunder: So…you picked MBLAQ? Did you knew about us before we met?
Wei Chen: Of course! Because I like Rain! (Everybody: hahahahaha) Before when Rain launched his album didn’t we went to a show together, so I had a sipmle idea who you were, when I was watching [Ninja Assasin] I even knew that was Joon. But the first time I formally knew about MBLAQ were through their album <MONA LISA> which is the time when we are going to have our cooperation. The cooperation were settled but we haven’t recorded yet, so during that time I payed close attention to MBLAQ, especially Joon and Thunder!…really think that MBLAQ is very mature despite that they only debuted for two years.

-Wei Chen, the first thing in your mind when someone mention South Korea? MBLAQ, when mention China the first thing in your mind is? What kind of thing will you introduce to eachother about your country?
Wei Chen: Unconditionally, I will say K-POP! But if I had the opportunity I will recommend some impressive chinese music to you.
Joon: When mention China, the first thing you think of will be their diversity of food!!!! Next time coming to China, I want to taste some of the food that we saw on tv……(yearning)
Thunder: This time when Wei Chen Hyung were in South Korea to prepare for his album, he didn’t had the time to take a look around in the country so if I had the opportunity, I want to show him around the places outside Seoul and recommend some great and fun places.

-Although Wei Chen debuted before MBLAQ, but performance wise in South Korea Joon and Thunder count as sunbae ah!
Wei Chen: Yes! I hope that we will have a excellent performance.
Joon & Thunder: For sure!!!!
-Recently you three seems to have taken a good care of your bodies!
Joon: When I have the time I usually go to the gym, if I don’t I will use some simple fitness equiment, or use the time to do some stretching. Like lying on the bed and and do some cycling movements and so on…
Wei Chen: This time in Korea I did some oxygen equipment excercises and I think it’s a great help to shape your body. But the most important is that it’s great to your breath control during performances.
Thunder: For me, after the exercises (oxygen exercises), your vocals will improve even more.
Wei Chen: Except my vocal, I still try to find my onstage charm……….
Joon: My most attractive point will be…my gaze? My dance? Hahahaha!
Wei Chen: During the “Men In MBLAQ” concert, your pole dancing were really amazing!
Joon: When will you also challenge this kind of dance?
Wei Chen: Eeee…during my concert…I think? There is always some special performances during concerts, haha.
Thunder: I think nowadays fans typically like the singers natural and comfortable side during varity shows.
Together: Yes, yes.
-You all debuted very early, do you have a lot of pressure? If yes, how do you resolve it?
Wei Chen: Actually it’s ok for me. After all I’m doing the things I like to do, despite getting a little tired it’s worth it. In every trades and professions there will be pressure, it’s just that the extent of pressure varies in various walks in life. If there is pressure, I think by going home and spend some time with my family makes me relax, haha!
Joon: The most exhausting thing for me is –having to much schedules!!! I don’t have any personal time anymore……(tear-eyed) The most effective way to ease the pressure is by doing sports, if there is time, I will also sneak in a nap in between.^^*
-It’s actually a opportunity to establish a brand new image by expanding oversea. Among the three of you, is there anyone who want to grab this opportunity and do some changes?
Joon: Rather than establishing a new image, we want instead to show you our recent onstage appearence for you. We want to show you the strenghts of our group, to dedicate a handsome stage for you all.
Wei Chen: En…I think every artist have a time when they want to change or have a break through. If you think it’s suitable for you then just go for it, don’t have so many concerns about it. But when you are going through the transformation, pay more attention and listen more to your friends and families opinions and don’t act too subjective. We are all young peoples, and it’s the time when we have to learn and gai n more knowledge. Music, performance, mc-ing…If you are able to learn all of that then learn all of that, it will do you good.
Thunder: Wei Chen Hyung, that’s not a small ambition! (laugh)

-Joon were a actor before becoming a singer, and Wei Chen has also showed his acting talent through “Super Boy” and even acted in a drama, participated in a musical, but compared to Joon who had his first big screen debut in a Hollywood movie, do Wei Chen envy him?
Wei Chen: Of course I envy him! If there is a opportunity I’m certain to grab it and appearing more on the big screen. (determined)
Thunder & Joon: Fighting!


-The singer you each like?

Wei Chen: I like many music genres, but I more into R&B, if it’s a singer, then I definitely like Korea’s Rain.

Joon: I also like Rain and Beyonce.

Thunder: Undoubtedly it’s RAIN! And Justin Timberlake, Lady gaga, Michael Jackson!

Wei Chen: If you like a singer then you had to go to his/her concert, which I have and it’s great!!! That’s the first time I spent money to watch an artist’s CON! (Laugh)

Joon: MBLAQ’s first pre-debut performance were in JiHoon Hyung (RAIN) concert. After we finished the performance and stepped down, we watched JiHoon Hyung’s performance and it was so cool and so inspiring. It was a memorable moment and I thought when is it my turn to stand on that kind of stage?……

Thunder: The performance were really amazing!!! And, Wei Chen Hyung, when did you start to like RAIN?

Wei Chen: It was during the later period that I started to like RAIN, at that time he released the song <I’m Coming>, and it had a more soldier feeling to it and I thought he looked so handsome. The poster caught my attention, bare-chested, and he had a pair of wing at the back……and come to talk about it, it’s a coincidence that this time my album’s post-productions were arranged by the sunsae-nim that did RAIN’s album last time, those wing’s were made by him……and I thought it has to be destiny!

(omitted Wei Chen  and Joon’s convo)

-When did you have the dream to become a singer?

Wei Chen: I liked to sing ever since I was a child, and when I studied at the university were probably the time when I really wanted to become a singer.

Thunder: Despite I haven’t lived in Korea during my childhood, my sister have affected me and introduced alot of Korean singers to me, then I just naturally knew alot of singers. One day I saw a performance by a korean singer, then I thought that it will be great if I could be like him –and that was during JiHoon Hyung’s stage performance.

(Omitted the question about wheather they behaved themselves when they were a child, just a Joon and Wei Chen convo)

-The three most excellent quality about yourself?

Wei Chen: I think my strong points are nice, low-profile and hardworking.

Thunder: For me, my toleration is quite good. Despite being tired, I will tolerate the things I had to tolerate, I’m that kind of person. And my view of a problem is very positive and optimistic,if some bad things happened, rather than being negative, why don’t you think positive and try to solve it, if I give up I will become very distressed, what is the meaning of give up, it’s not in my lexicon.

-If we base on personality and appearence, Thunder and Wei Chen have some things in common, like the height, and the fact that they don’t like to eat high calorie food, and they are that kind of people who don’t like to show off their feeling and instead hiding them in their respective hearts, and their genes are very great and they are both hardworking……What do you two think about it? What can Joon say about it?

Wei Chen: When you put it like that, we are really quite alike! I think that I’m that kind of person that lives in his own world. If we become close with each other, that’s when I want to eliminate the bored and awkward atmosphere between us and have some fun together. Despite some people are having fun together, if I’m not familiar with them, I won’t have the intention to join them and would just quitly sit beside and watch. So to say, it seems like me and Thunder are quite similar…Because we had limited time, so we haven’t had the opportunity to really get to know eachother, so I have a little regret!

Thunder: There is a next time! For me I think genes are a blessing but at the same time we can’t avoid other peoples prejudices. So to show people that you have more than looks, I have to put more efforts and try harder than others.

Joon: En……My body proportions are not perfect so i’m envious of you two! But I also think that I have my own advantages.

(Omitted the question about the kissing scene in Ninja assassin, a question directed to Wei Chen)

-In “Let’s go watch the Meteor Shower together” Wei Chen were cast as one of the H4 (the same meaning as F4 in “Boys over flowers”), if we let Joon and Thunder to choose among the casting in the drama, which character would you choose for yourself?

Thunder: I want to play Yu Hao Ming’s (俞灏明) character Duan MuLei (端木磊) [the chinese counterpart to Yoon Ji Hoo in “Boys over flowers”], becuase personality wise it’s quite like me!

Wei Chen: Although in private I don’t know so much about you, but I felt that you are very quite……and today before the performance you sat by yourself, and it was the same when we recorded……you only occasionally spoke a few words with your manager. It seems like you had a your own spirit world! Hahahaha! It fit very well with Duan MuLei!

Joon: To me, I want to challenger the main male lead (which in other words means Lee Minho’s character Goo Junpyo), but I also want to play Wei Chen’s charcter Ye Shuo(叶朔) [his character were either Kim Bum’s or Kim Joon’s chatacter in BOF]. I haven’t been able to watch the whole Chinese drama version of [Boy over flowers], but I’ve watched a few episodes, and I thought Wei Chen were really handsome.

Wei Chen: Really?……Hahahaha! I think you can handle these two charcters, you have a domineering side in your personality.

Joon: Hahahaha! Thanks! In reality, is it easy for Wei Chen to fall in love with a elegant goddess type of girl or with a common girl like Geum JanDi?

Wei Chen: I don’t know~ but there is a distance-like feeling with a goddess!~

Thunder: I think instead that the godess type of girls makes you very easy to like them. Since I’ve never dated someone before, so I still have some fantasies about girls, so compare to those very bold types of girl, I may rather like goddess types. (Shy)

Together: aha…………………

-At last say something to eachother!

Wei Chen: This time’s collaboration were really great! From my point-of-view I think the theme of this collaboration have a lot of meanings, the lyrics is actually reminding everybody of their environment, to protect their homes (country). The young artists from two countries, working hard for this collaboration, hoping that it will affect the young people in this generation. In addition, I hope MBLAQ will soon advance into the chinese market, letting even more chinese fans the opportunity to get to know them, like them and their music!

Joon: I hope Wei Chen Hyung’s album that he prepared so seriously will have success and getting even more love than before!!!! If we have the opportunity, we must once again stand on the stage together. We MBLAQ are also preparing to advance into the China market, so please look forward to it, and give us lots of love.^^*

Thunder: Wei Chen Hyung, Fighting!

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