Fan account of MBLAQ’s Baby U promotions in Japan

I’ve never shared fan account before, so it’s going to be awkward*mianhe*
I’m here to share my experiece of stalking boys live on air of Made In BS Japan and also meeting/touching MBLAQ at high five event at Tokyo. Both happened within a week of their comeback in Japan with “Baby U!”, so I’ll call it as one account.
I don’t know where to start but here it goes.

[111026 Made In BS Japan]
I’d been good girl over 20 years, but totally gone bad on that day cool.gif To concentrate on work while having our boys
in close distance was just mission impossible. I couldn’t control my desire to see MBLAQ so escaped from work and went to  TV Tokyo to see our boys on MIBJ!!

The show starts at 6:00 pm and I arrived at 1:00 pm. There already were about 100+ people waiting in line.
We waited for 5hours outside in long queue with eating on the footpath, watching past shows on youtube
or talking with other A+. MBLAQ visited Tower Records Shibuya on that day at 10:00 am and had a surprise event being mannequins.
But Seungho tweeted soon after that “we’ve finished first schedule and heading to next”, so I thought they would arrive much earlier and have rehearsal. However, they might had other interviews before coming to the show, so they finally arrived around 4:30 pm. As they got off from the van, they waved hands and kept smiling to us. 
I’ve seen them at concerts before, but seeing them just get off the cars or wave at fans are totally different experience.
It gave me much reality that MBLAQ does exist for real and they truly have nice personalities.

As the show started, we had chance to see them from out side the window of open studio. It was about 1 minutes rotation but still glad. Doongie and Mir waved me back!! Mir was very playful and looked happy that he could make it this time smile.gif Last time they came to Japan, Mir was still suffering from his back injury. So all members looked really relaxed for being all five together.

I was only 5 meters away from MBLAQ when I went up close to the window!! They all looked freakin’ hot and cute heartemo.png
And as you may have watched on the clip, they revealed a part of chreography of “Baby U!”
After watching the show, I found out there were 600+ people for MBLAQ.
That’s really awesome and I’m glad I was one of them smile.gif

After that, I went to Tower Records Shibuya where the members visited earlier and had left autograph on the photo panels.
It’s not easy to understand, but taking pictures of celebrities is prohibited everywehre in Japan.
I didn’t want to be kicked out by cheating, so just tried to see the boys with my eyes wide open on filming.
We were even asked to refrain from screaming while shooting for MIBJ, but how can it be possible lol?
Anyway, I could take pics at the CD shop, it was allowed. So took as many as possible like a mad womanbiggrin.gif
Here are pictures I took. Really huge photo panels of each member with their autograph!

I’m really grateful to Tower Records to promote MBLAQ in that way. It’s one of the biggest branch so that tons of people
should have been aware of how awesome and flawless MBLAQ is.

[111030 Baby U! High Five Event]
THIS IS THE DAY!!!!! How do I say it in past tense lol?
Anyway, I woke up at 5:00 am on that day. Couldn’t sleep at all because I was too excited.
How would I manage not to faint when I see MBLAQ face to face, and even touching their hands.
On the way to Shinkiba Studio Coast, I couldn’t help smiling like a fool lol.
I and my little sister arrived at 9:30 am but again, there were already long queue waiting for changing
lottery to entrance tickets. I can’t even guess, but maybe more than we had in MIBJ so about 1,000+ were already there.
I saw helicopters flying as well! So I was sure it’s going to be a big sensation on the next morning 🙂

While waiting, G.O tweeted “Tokyo! are you ready?”. All A+ were flattered as if he was talking to us
and watching us from somewhere. Soon after, G.O tweeted again “Do you love me?” with his selca.
He knows how to tease us with his narcissistic tweet. There was a open shop which selling limited merchandises
for “Baby U!”(light stick and towel) and also CDs can be purchased there. I’d heard roumor that lottery has higher possibility to win
to buy there rather than to buy at other shops. Actually, I and my sister already bought 8CDs of “Baby U!” till then,
but bought extra CDs there and got 4 more tickets for high five which means we had 6 tickets in total
so that we can touch boys 3 times each!! But what am I gonna do with those CDs lol?
Maybe give away to friends and promote MBLAQ. I also bought light stick.

The event started at 1:00 pm. I had a ticket for starting from 2:00 pm, and also 2 tickets for 4:00 pm.
People who already touched MBLAQ were so excited and losing their mind. All A+ looked so happy.
Watching them made my heart beat quickly and I almost forgot to breathe.

2:00 pm. It’s finally my turn to go into the hall and meet MBLAQ! They kept playing “Baby U!” endlessly in the hall.
We had probably 2000+ people to enter at once. MBLAQ were still nowhere to be seen, then we were finally guided
to the hallway. And just around the corner, behind the partation, all member of MBLAQ were there!!
Sitting in order of Seungho, G.O, Cheondung, Joon and Mir. They all dressed in “Baby U!” jacket outfits.
At that moment, time had stopped and I felt every move they make in slow motion.

At the first round, I just tried to focus on their faces. Just tried my best to look into their eyes and they all kindly
stared me back!!
Seungho was full of shining bright aura. I can only remember his eyes. Couldn’t take my eys off and look at his lips.
G.O looked so much sexier than I expected. He’s genuine gorgeous man. And he knows how to make girls fall for him.
Cheondung was calm as always. His skin was so smoothe like a baby and his cold gaze was so cool.
Joon kept smiling in a bashful way, but still looked into my eyes straight. I died inside a lot at the very moment.
Mir was acting cute, yet showing his gratitude to fans who came along. He is true adorable maknae.

It was not high five, rather kind of soft touch for a second. As I learned from previous news,
most of the artists just sit and stick their hands to the front then fans run through in front of them slightly touching or not.
But MBLAQ were totally different. They all looked into fans eyes and tried to read what placards say, or even tried to call fans’ name. 
They put the best effort to interact with A+. I was hanging a placard with Joonie’s picture on my neck even when I touched other members.
Didn’t mean to be rude but totally forgot about it.
Anyway, every member were so gorgeous, sexy and kind as you imagine. All smiled and touched so softly, and it was left hand on the first round.

I had one hour waiting outside till my second turn, and it started to rain. I checked up twitter and found
Seungho tweeted in Japanese “It’s raining out there, do you have umbrella?” He talked to us via twitter even in a tiny break he had.
So kind of him to worry about us waiting. No doubt he’s such a caring leader.

Well, time really flied and it was my second turn. Then they had changed it to right hand when I came back.
So I got both of my hands touched by MBLAQ!!!!! I even tried to grab(not squeeze) their hands a little with my second one,
and they grabbed mine back heartemo.png I failed to take a look at Seungho’s lips again. His bright eyes just wouldn’t let me.
On the second round, members looked more relaxed than first time. Joonie said “hello” and Mir said “thank you” to me
in Japanese! I know they say it to almost everyone, but I’m still flattered.

On the third round, I saw bear manager filming video with his iPhone, so I waved at him really close!
When I touched them for last time, just focused to see their faces again, also called Joonie’s name when I touched him.
That was maximum effort of mine. Some girls asked members to touch their heads or even kiss on their hands,
but I’ll never ever can be like them. MBLAQ had way to go and I didn’t want to bother anyway, so being able to touch them
and staring each other was enough for me. Or if I had another chance, I should make name tag with my name on.
Members tried to read everything and called fans name a lot. All members were just professional for being as they are,
not baring their tiredness even they kept sitting and giving high five for more than 5 hours!
The more I go to see them, the more I fall for them heartemo.png
Can’t even focus on Joonie, everyone was just gorgeous and admirable smile.gif

After high five, they had a limited live for 1,500 people out of 12,500. I didn’t survive for that but I was satisfied
with what I had. I heard they performed “Mona Lisa”, “Your Luv” and “Baby U!” and also had bingo session.
I’ve seen their live performance several times, but never touched or seen them up close!
After seeing them face to face, only listening to their voice through mp3 can make me smile and melt my heart.
It was such a melting experience heartemo.png

On the next day, I woke up and found out there were approxmately 12,500 people for MBLAQ! DAEBAK!!
Thanks for reading my extremely long report. I really hope many of you will have a chance to meet the boys in the near future.

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