[News] IU would introduce MBLAQ’s Thunder to a friend

Singer IU picked MBLAQ‘s Thunder as the idol she would introduce to a close friend.

IU guest-featured on the December 14th airing of MBC FM‘s radio program ‘Shindong’s ShimShim Tapa‘, to talk about her career and relationships.

When DJ Shindong asked, “Is there an idol you wouldn’t hesitate to introduce to a close friend or a sibling?”, IU answered, MBLAQ’s Thunder. He’s the nicest guy that I know. I’ve known him since my trainee days, and I don’t think there’s a single guy in the world who is any sweeter than he is.”

And when asked about her own ideal man, IU remarked, “I like guys that smile with their eyes. I like when I look at a guy and I know that’s he’s smiling genuinely.”

Shindong wanted her to pick an idol who best resembled her ideal type, and IU answered, “I’ve been saying this since I first debuted, but it’s Big Bang‘s Taeyang.”

And when it came to her priorities for love, her career, and her friends she answered, “Work is my first priority right now. Friendship over love, but… I don’t know how I will feel once I actually fall in love,” she said with a laugh.

Source & Image: MyDaily & Allkpop

2 thoughts on “[News] IU would introduce MBLAQ’s Thunder to a friend

  1. I have always loved IU-Thunder friendship… and I cannot help but ship them too! Though I now they are still young and have work as their priorities, but I;m glad that IU has only good words with regard to Thunder.

    Thank you so much OH THUNDER!!! 🙂


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