Thunder talks about his ideal girl

MBLAQ members recently appeared in the February 25th episode of SBS’s radio Jung Sun Hee’s A Night Like Today and talked about how they dates girls.

Cheondung looking innocent revealed that “People think I have never dated any girls before but that’s not true.

He said “I have dated girls before and there was a girl who I liked but I’ve never asked her to go out.

When he was asked what kind of woman he likes, he replied “I like a girl who likes to play tricks on me and talks to me a lot. I also like a girl who is cheerful and bright.


3 thoughts on “Thunder talks about his ideal girl

  1. i think at his age he had for sure dated, but as he said he never had a girlfriend. so it means he invited a girl on a date before, they may have casual get to know each other thing but they never become officially boyfriend/girdfriend. he must have like someone in diffenrent time, but go out on a date, eat dinner or buy flowers but didn’t become an official relationship. i think that’s what he means. he went out on a date but never had a girlfriend just like taeyang of bigbang. lol at their age.


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