Video: [FULL] 120914 MBLAQ’s IDOL MANAGER Episode 5! *with notes/rough translations*

This is so cute! So much Thunder love!


– Thunder’s friend is called ‘Kim Seonggu’. He was a trainee with Thunder and IU back in Loen Ent.
– When Thunder saw Seonggu, he yelled and said “One of my friends is there!”
– Thunder boasted about Seonggu’s six pack and husky voice
– When Thunder was boasting about his friend, he looked really confident and happy.
– Because Thunder was boasting Seonggu’s abs, others coaxed him to show his… and well… his abs aren’t as pretty as it was.
– When Seonggu was asked about Thunder and he started talking, Thunder sent him this little glare and said “Why’re you like this?” with a smile XD
– Park Kyung Lim asked Seonggu to call IU but she didn’t pick up, Thunder called her and she didn’t pick up either. A little bit later, IU called Thunder back.
– Seungho’s friend was really looking forward to IU’s call and looked really shy
– Thunder and Seonggu looked really comfortable and teased each other
– IU-Thunder phonecall:
Thunder: “HELLOOO!! Where are you?”
IU: “My house”
Thunder: “Your house?”
IU: “Yeah~”
Thunder: “Seonggu’s beside me.”
IU: “Hi, Seonggu~”
Seonggu: “Ah, forget it.”
– IU was asked about her first impression of Thunder and she said that he was really handsome and Thunder looked shy and proud at the same time
– When IU was telling the bathroom story, she was laughing really hard XD
– Thunder was cutely arguing with GO for something he said to IU

Source: cute98547 @YT
Notes and reposted by: kamepichan@OhThunder

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