|TRANSLATION| Thunder’s Mother and Dara’s Letter to Thunder in Idol Manager

Thunder’s mother letter to Thunder:

Cheondoong ah,
I have a lot to say to you, but when I hold onto the pen I forget about it.

You who had always wanted to become a singer, I was worried. But you seems to be working well. Without time for practice, when the first time you moved into the dormitory, I am also worried that you will not be able to get along well with your hyungs. Seeing you getting along so well I am really happy. Although it is tiring and there are so many sad moments, however if you keep your determination, it will get better one day.
~~Stay strong^^♡
And also have fun

From mom

Mom don’t like to play with toys now, buy me something else…giving me money is also fine.

Sandara Park’s letter to Thunder:
Man-jjit dol Cheondoong, (An idol from a comic)
Gaedoong ah~ hello! I am big noona~!!! ^.^
It’s been a totally~ long since I wrote a letter to you. kekeke How are you?!
Recently because I have a lot of overseas schedules that we couldn’t see each other frequently… ㅠ.ㅠ
Our maknae Doogie who always feel like a child~ I always saw the side of you who is really passionate in practicing your song writing, I learnt a lot too. The effort that you put in now will definitely shine brightly one day like gold. Write some nice songs for noona too, I heard that you are going to MT today, have lots of fun there. Noona will be going to Japan for my tour. Although it was just a little (the money), but buy something nice and eat with the members. If it is not enough send a message to me and I’ll give you more.

Up till now,
Cheondoong’s forever jjang fan, Sandara Park

ps.  Me too…wanted to be a pretty noona…
I’m sorry for having you to always see my scary hairstyles ㅠ.ㅠ
But you still feel that noona is good
I love you
(together with 100k won cash in the envelope!)

Source: Idol Manager Ep. 7
Translated: SilenceLuv@mblaqattack.net
Reuploaded: julieeeee@mblaqattack.net

You can also read the translation of the other MBLAQ’s parents’ letters  here:  MBLAQATTACK

My comments:
1) lol at Thunder giving toys as presents to their mother…
2) Dara gave money to eat with the members. So, that’s why the other members had a wide smile when Park KyungLim was reading Dara’s letter… =D

5 thoughts on “|TRANSLATION| Thunder’s Mother and Dara’s Letter to Thunder in Idol Manager

  1. “The effort that you put in now will definitely shine brightly one day like gold”, very well said Dara. 🙂
    both Sandara and Cheondung have been an inspiration. they’ve been through tough times, not only because of family matters, but also because of all the hatred they receive from some so-called-fans. they never let all those negative comments bring them down. they practice even harder to prove ’em wrong. they’re lucky to have each other to lean on. Park siblings ftw! anyway I hope one day we can listen to Dara-Doongie duet, singing Doongie’s self composed songs!!


  2. I love how thoughtful they are with one another. Park family had been through tough times but they managed to put things together and become stronger than ever. Sang Hyun will always be their baby. 🙂 ❤


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