|VID| MBLAQ Fancams in Chile

Here are some  fancams of MBLAQ in Chile.. Of course, I posted those that focused more on Thunder…  🙂
Credit and thanks to the uploaders of these videos.


credit: Li Martos

Gangnam Style
Thunder at the left side corner, second person wearing white… Him and Mir had synchronized choreography to Gangname Style.. 🙂

credit: Natalia Rojas

Special Stage- Cueca: Chilean Dance

credit: JohaniBanaHani

credit: Yiara AH

credit: sakuclannad

It’s War
credit: yasunath

Mona Lisa

credit: Richard Garrido

Ending: Arirang, Run to You
I think I hear a number of fans shouting “Cheondung”!! Or, maybe I misheard it… lol..

credit: australiankissgroup

MBLAQ leaving the bus around 4:20. I think Thunder was the first one leaving and some body threw a stuffed toy at his path.

Karla Manriquez

Some videos doesn’t embed on this page. So just copy and paste it on your URL to view the videos.

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