|OLD SHOWS| Thunder and Krystal as emcees in MWave

Back in 2010, Thunder and Krystal were emcees for the music program MWave. Here are some cuts.

Most of the feedback was that they were awkward. I don’t disagree with that.  I think these are some of the reasons why:
– they were still “new idols” during that time and that was their first time hosting, so the level of nervousness  was really high. Particularly, MWave was a new show also.
– it was a duo: a male-female idol combination.. In most cases of male-female idol combinations, there are 3 or 4 people involved. If there are only two idols hosting, they are usually both males or both females.
– they were hosting in English which is not their native language and haven’t used that in a long time..
-Thunder memorizes choreos  easily but I think he cannot exactly memorize the script as is that’s why he keeps on looking at his cue cards. He’s the type who gets the important info and just ad libs for the other parts.
– parts of their scripts are so ‘cheesy’…. hahahaha… I’m not complaining though… I love Krystal-Thunder pairing… 😛

credit: FXNFCHK

If you don’t like Thunder-Krystal pairing, don’t scroll down!

Me spazzing on Thunder-Krystal…

From Fx’s latest performances, Krystal is wearing a shirt with the word “THUNDERBIRD” and the number 21! Plus, a dinosaur earring! There’s only one earring, she’s wearing it on her right ear only. She has worn dinosaur earrings in different colors in different performances (white, pink, blue, red). She only wore it in her right ear. I have never seen Krystal try this kind of earrings/style. She usually wears glamorous dangling earrings for performances.

Krystal pouting in these pics  (Thunder also really loves to pout). And she’s wearing Thunder earrings! And the color is black and silver. Black Thunder? MBLAQ Thunder?? lol….

Rocking the airport fashion: White shirt, leather jacket, black pants and sun glasses!

183 thoughts on “|OLD SHOWS| Thunder and Krystal as emcees in MWave

  1. /watch?v=FxvmIqiPUZg
    i just wanted to ask who was krystal was talking too at 2:53 to 2:55 because i can see she was in front of cl, while i can see bom and minzy but not dara. is she talking to dara?


        • I checked their schedules posted. MBC and KBS is not on the schedule of Fx. MBLAQ has MBC but not KBS. 😦

          Anyway, I read somewhere that Yoona and Yuri will be casted in WGM and Yoona’s husband will be Gikwang and Yuri’s will be Cheondung. I’m not sure how true this is though since this was also a rumor in 2011.


              • i’ve read that too in twitter..
                i just want to see Thunder become more active in varieties and dramas..
                recently the other members are so busy, while i don’t see any updates on Thunder..
                poor doong.. ;(
                2013 will be his year..


                • But FB sites of SNSD are posting Yoona and Yuri’s “confirmed” participation in WGM. Oh well, let’s wait and see.

                  Oh, so the Tae Kwon Do is for SBS event. They’re gonna perform with the Taekwondo masters. 🙂 I hope we get some Thunder screen time.

                  February? Kinda feels like a loonnggg time. But I guess, that’s for the better since some of the members have a very hectic individual schedule.

                  I hope so too that 2013 is going to be his year. 🙂


                  • i guess thunder will have more screen time, because go and joon does have color of kpop stages, so maybe more for thunder and seungho.

                    yes, i hope to it will be his year, missing him so bad.
                    i’ve seen in his recent photos and videos that he has long hair, and still doesn’t cut it.


                    • well,, let’s just hope that the camera man won’t focus only on joon ..situation like that always happen.. that’s why sometimes, no most of the time, i prefer fancams..
                      2013 pls be good for our thunder ^_^


                    • cool down… Because I have another news for you.
                      Taemin didn’t just kiss her, he also carried her bridal style after their performance. I saw a pic of it. kekekeke…

                      Anyway, Thunder’s acting in MBC Gayo’s performance reminded me that Krystal also wanted to act in an action movie/ series. Please, please 2013.. Someone cast these two together.

                      As for the ending of the MBC Gayo, Fx and MBLAQ were at opposite ends, except for GO and Mir. Somehow, these two ended up near Beast members and also near Fx. Hopefully, someone uploads longer fancams of the Gayo endings. Want to observe if there were glances happening here and there. 😀


                    • ahh.. my shipping heart is hurting…
                      yeah.. hope so.. thunder’s acting really, i dont know why he didn’t received any offer to star in a drama besides his cameo role in padam padam..maybe his acting in mbc gayo will open an opportunities for him..
                      and when will that be? krystal & thunder in one drama.. hehe..
                      this is what i observed from sm, in an special stage collaboration they always pair up their artist with each other.. -_-


                    • about that, im trying to find krystal but i was hard for me, it’s because she was looking at the opposite direction of the stage where she was in front of vic,sulli,hara, all idols are very keen to be seen at the camera but why her position is like this? until i found this fancams
                      /watch?feature=player_embedded&v=V8dGOPh415A look at her position

                      /watch?v=V8dGOPh415A look at where thunder is standing
                      and why did seungho and thunder didn’t stand beside go and mir, they are usually together, at the back they are so out of place.

                      sorry for being delusional, well i love them. =)


                    • Yeah, I know. They are usually together and all of them even went in front during the countdown. However, in the first fancam you posted, SH, Thunder and Mir were at the back. Joon pulled SH and Thunder followed them. GO was near Beast then suddenly Mir joined them.

                      As for who Krystal was talking to, I think it was Victoria. I think it’s because of the confetti that got stuck on Victoria’s hair.

                      Me too, I can’t spot Dara in the fancams. Maybe it’s because she’s so tiny and the other idols are tall.


                    • Ah, the post I read said it was for SBS Gayo. I was waiting for it yesterday. But, I saw the preview and I think it is for Star King.

                      Really miss Thunder.
                      Now, waiting for fancams…. kekekeke…

                      I just saw Krystal’s glove shows a heart when they performed Electric Shock. And when she did the laser thingy, she looked up and smiled. She didn’t look at the camera. Hmmmmm…


                    • i’ve read it’s for sbs too. but did you see thunder back flip in their run performance.

                      im so proud of him. hope we see more of him in 2013.

                      when f(x) performs, mblaq was seating in idol seats?

                      i want to see more fancams of gayo ending.


                    • tnx for the link.. ^_^
                      so that was the sound accident that other a+ were saying.. the MC spoke in the mic while they were near the end of run..


                    • did you see the picture of dara/ 2ne1 where they are watching mblaq’s performance. f(x) was just above them watching too. but there are no fancams of f(x) yet.


                    • but i think f(x) pre record the performance that was show in tv. but did get to perform live.
                      in tv krystal was wearing a pink dino. but in pictures of live permformance it was a pink thunder earrings. so cute


                    • you know what’s funny,, i found the picture of krystal wearing the Thunder earring in Minstal Fanpage in FB..
                      here— /photo.php?fbid=288997614537340&set=a.100228890080881.75.100220426748394&type=3&src=https%3A%2F%2Ffbcdn-sphotos-h-a.akamaihd.net%2Fhphotos-ak-ash3%2F548163_288997614537340_1657702552_n.jpg&size=600%2C805


                    • no, they were there when dara and the rest of 2ne1 was watching mblaq’s performance.
                      many says bad comment about krystal’s face but whenever’s about thunder she really looks like that. /watch?v=U7SrbhxLt9s
                      just like this vid she seems jolly.


                    • so you did see the picture i was talking about when krystal was looking down at the monitor situated infront of dara..
                      /watch?v=19F6IlrdMjw this was when mblaq performs while f(x) going to their seats.. but it focus more on t-ara and shinee..


                    • oh, so she was wearing pink Thunder earrings… 😀
                      I hope there will be more fancams of this event.

                      I also heard that Krystal and Sulli will replace Dara as Etude’s endorser. I hope they will also get MBLAQ.


                    • oh… I just read this in Ohthunder’s twitter:
                      @onepackabs 4 of them (except mir) ever received a confession from female celebrity/es *O*

                      I think this came from the Q & A in this vid: /watch?v=9vgLLqAU4Y8&feature=youtu.be

                      I wonder who is the female celebrity that confessed to Thunder. Before, Thunder said that he hasn’t received any. So, the confession or confessions must be recent. Got a curious cat here… kekekeke


          • f(x) will be performing at mbc gayo tommorow..
            i’ve read it in twitter,, they will have opening stage collaboration with Shinee..
            i was hoping for m(x) collaboration 😦


  2. saw this posted on one of Krystal’s fb page :

    Translation says “Top artists of SM owns the most expensive outfit:” and Krystal is on the list. And look at the picture, she’s wearing an all-black attire including her shoes. 🙂
    Actually, most of her attire these days are black. Hmmmm…


    @ 4:24 Thunder and Mir’s conversation that Thunder wears luxury clothes. Hmmmm… Stylish much!!!


    • yeah she surely is a fashion icon, and i love both of them handle their dress well.
      not an over the edge one or the simple one. but those comfortable and classy the way you see it and the way the wear it.

      in idol manager thunder’s practice shoes are branded. in one ep. i saw it was a chanel brand
      and those chome hearts shirts i think thunder was the one wearing it first in mblaq members.


  3. krystal and sohee guested in beatles code and both are really the same even the emcees said so.

    and look at krystal’s face when the guy said chundoong @0:01


    • Yup, a lot of people are saying that Krystal and Sohee are alike. I agree too. 🙂

      At the second video, I guess Chundoong decided to visit Fx while filming. 😀 Chundoong wants to be a part of that filming.


      • Mostly are scared of thunder but in that moment she smiled. The guy didn’t said something funny either.
        Lol at her and sohee they’re so alike

        It seems that thunder doesn’t have activities nowadays


        • Yeah, she was still smiling even though she was also scared of the thunder. 🙂

          Just posting this because I find it adorable.


          Krystal wants to learn French, right? She can learn it from Thunder’s son, Leo. 😀


          I’ve read a lot of comments saying that Dayoung is like Yoona. When she grows up, she will look like Yoona. And, there are a lot of comments also saying that Yoona looks like Krystal. Dayoung and Thunder’s date was awkward but sweet even though Thunder was sick that time. ♥


            • oh, sorry.. I don’t have any idea about that.

              I want to see Thunder on screen though. It’s been a looonnggg time..

              Yup, Leo really loves Thunder. I hope Thunder can visit him nowadays since he is not that active on screen. I want to see MBLAQ and their babies again.


              Remember when After School guested in MBLAQ’s Idol Army? Imagine Krystal feeding Thunder ice cream.. kekekke..


              • he’s nowhere to be found this days, all the members are busy except him.

                yay! i just hope it will happened in the future.

                lee jong suk and krystal acted as twins in HK3 and he even confess that he likes krystal
                but looks at krystal’s reaction it’s just like kwanghee, she didn’t mind at all


                she paired up with everyone, but she was only different to thunder.


                @7:14 sulli said she’s good at talking to eggplants and tomatoes, is this the episode she mean that they’d watch?

                /watch?v=3mMCic25anU who’s the guest here….



                • Yeah, he is the only one without a schedule nowadays. 😦

                  Oh, so they watched that episode? Hara-Thunder there. And, the next episode, Thunder was paired with Victoria.
                  oh no…. kekekeke….


  4. /watch?v=63QPvWffCgI

    MBLAQ’s bbuing buing… Thunder so cute doing the bbuing bbuing. Even had a re-take. 😀 Bear Manager too…

    And of course, Krystal is the bbuing bbuing queen.


  5. /watch?v=2GuH1UJxQOk

    Please be my baby — Krystal


    “Please have my baby ” —- Thunder

    lol… Thunder dances to his “ideal girl’s” group song Please Be My Baby but he got the steps wrong. Hmmm… Not paying much attention? He’s the one in MBLAQ who usually memorizes and does the choreography correctly, isn’t it? 😀


    • Yes he is. Like in idol army he even remember the steps of chu correctly. In which sulli was impress with him. I was hoping if the whole group was guest in it before.
      And it seems yellow, black, and white are these two’s favorite color nowadays.
      And they both love mangoes and meat


  6. PERFECT??


    @ 2:36 Seungho describes Thunder as a perfect guy because he can speak 3 languages. 😀


    V.G.] Which woman do you think is close to being perfect?

    [Victoria] Song Hyegyo sunbae. I’ve become a huge fan after watching her dramas!
    [Krystal] Audrey Hepburn. She is intelligent and attractive, and symbolizes woman.
    [Amber] Krystal! (laughter) Since she has the gracefulness I do not have.
    [Krystal] Unstoppable! Amber likes me a lot.

    Source: http://sookyeong.wordpress.com/2009/09/19/interview-fx-amber-thinks-krystal-is-close-to-being-perfect/

    Lol.. Out of all the woman out there, Amber chose Krystal.

    And somebody said Amber and Seungho are close. Hmmmm… Are these two dropping hints? kekekeke…


  7. http://snsdkorean.com/2012/06/20/a-new-bond-jung-sisters/

    Krystal: Guys don’t really like me. Guys like girls that are kind, innocent. I used to be innocent (laughs). Now I’m not, plus, it’s not something I want.

    excerpt from marie claire july 2012 issue if I’m not mistaken…

    why would she say so? when there’s numerous of idols that choose her as their ideal type…
    haha…just sharing my thoughts ‘cuz I became curious & do my fair share of investigations/observations just like you guys…


    • Nice contribution… Thanks for sharing that. 🙂 She thinks guys don’t like her? Hmmm, maybe she’s referring to one guy only. Don’t worry Krystal, Thunder is really like that. He doesn’t confess his feelings. lol…

      So, both Dara and Jessica have princess-like and very pink rooms. They can get together really well. kekekeke….

      This part caught my attention though:

      Then, if both of you end up liking the same guy, who would yield?

      Jessica: That probably wouldn’t happen, but I think the types of guys we like are similar. If we see a guy that dresses well, we’d bicker saying ‘he’s my style’. But Soojung-ah, I’m the u.n.n.i.

      So, they like a guy who dresses well!! Thunder has been praised for dressing well. MBLAQ members admire him for that too. I also remember Jessica and other SNSD members fangirling during MBLAQ’s performance during one event. Hmmmmm…. 😀


        • I don’t have a link to the vid though. I think it was year 2009 or 2010. I believe it was one of the Gayo events and MBLAQ was performing. The camera showed the reactions of those who were not performing and it showed Jessica and the other SNSD members. They were brightly smiling and pushing each other. It’s hard to search for those vid though. But, if I happen to find it, I will post it here. 🙂


            • /watch?v=SHXNR72FpyE

              This is the event where Jessica was cheering for MBLAQ. @ 0:21 she was even shouting/ cheering for MBLAQ. At that moment when they showed Jessica on camera, Thunder changes his position, from the right side going to the left. Also notice that Sunny and Jessica are elbowing each other. @ 0:10 you can see Jessica slightly elbows Sunny and I think that’s were the elbowing and pushing started. I wonder why Jessica suddenly decided to do that. Suddenly feeling giddy?
              When the female dancer entered and they changed the music to Mister, Jessica doesn’t look too excited. lol

              There was actually a fancam of SNSD during MBLAQ’s dancing part but I guess it got taken down. I couldn’t find it anymore.


              • so krystal ideal types:
                1. 180cm or not too far from it
                2. someone whose attractive
                3. manly kind of guys
                4. someone who dresses well

                and i guess someone we knew got the perfect score for it. and even she answered it through those fancams, but we all know krystal is a smart and clever girl.


                • {in an interview before} Thunder said that his ideal woman was the type that “looks cold and expressionless, but when she smiles she’s cute.”

                  Krystal is that u? 😀


                • nice summary!! 😀

                  Thunder first said that she likes cold and expressionless girls but has a nice smile. Krystal was observed to be cold and expressionless when she debuted. But now, she loves to smile and laugh a lot.

                  Then Thunder answered in other interviews that he likes Beyonce because she has nice legs. Then we often see Krystal showing off her long legs. 😀

                  Somebody is taking notes, eh? Or it goes both ways? kkkkkkkk


                  • i read it somewhere:
                    Krystal may seem ‘rude’, but she’s just a little easily bored. But she’s been described as one of the kindest, funniest people backstage by staff. She’s very caring, but only to people who get to know her.
                    So don’t be misled.

                    and guess who loves meat too, thunder


                  • Q. “What style do you prefer in women?”

                    Thunder: “I’ve already said this before, but I like cute styles, like the Wonder Girls‘ Sohee.”

                    i’m thinking he’s just using Sohee’s name here.. since Sohee and Krystal are alike in someways,, keke


                    • yes i was thinking that too. since the beginning it was always sohee in revealing the name but watch this: /watch?v=Yf3IOHrDHBE @ 5:11

                      what was hard if in the first place he already tell her name, until now. so he do have someone in mind but until now did not reveal it…..


  8. krystal teases sulli while thunder is good at teasing joon
    /watch?v=3awfOwFVZlk @ 10:07

    and i just find it so funny:
    /watch?v=7WUKjDUpWmU black cat
    /watch?v=lpUBYsCKroQ blaq cat



    • Thunder and Krystal really have a lot of similarities. Thunder wore an orange wig in Idol Army as his punishment. Krystal also wore an orange wig for the promo of their album. Thunder and Dara have winged shoes, so does Krystal. Thunder and Dara wore the Adidas track suit (blue with white stars) and Krystal also has one but the stars are smaller. She wore it over a wedding gown when she guested in Running Man. Also, a coincidence that Krystal got criticized for staring down on Han Seungyon on that episode. Thunder mentioned that he likes Han Seungyon the best in KARA.

      I’ve been trying to search the English translation of Blaq Cat but I couldn’t find it. Maybe Krystal is Thunder’s blaq cat. 😀


  9. i’m a ThunStal shipper before, but then i lose my hope for this two,, but i’m alive again.. thanks to all you.. hope to see them in a special stage.. keke ^_^


    • Hello…. Glad to know other shippers of Thunder and Krystal. Although we are very few. lol……

      We also wish to see them interact and have a special stage. Hopefully, our wishes can be granted this gayos. 🙂
      I also thought these two drifted apart but when I watched IU – Thunder fanvids, I realized Krystal was also there. And there was something unnatural about their interactions. 🙂

      Really hard to read these two since they don’t really talk about their personal lives. So, let’s just analyze fancams. But sometimes fans don’t post intriguing fancams in order to protect their idols. Anyway, we will know the truth in the future. 😀


        • Ah that event frustrates me. So near yet so far. During MBLAQ’s performance, I couldn’t see Fx’s reaction. The camera suddenly decided to focus more on the audience. There was also a fancam but suddenly decided to shift to film Yoona when MBLAQ was performing. I couldn’t get to see MBLAQ and Fx reaction to each other’s performance. 😦
          GO and Seungho were so cute dancing to Fx’s song. As usual, hyper Mir on the lose. 🙂


          • there’s this one time,, when MBLAQ is performing i saw Krystal is just right behind Thunder.. atleast she stays at where he is.. keke.. i really hate how the camera focuses more in the audience..


            • True. That was already the opportunity for us to see them together. But then, the camera decides to capture other people instead. 😦

              Anyway, I couldn’t already find the vid where they asked F(x) members what song they liked the most among their songs. Krystal answered Nu ABO. In the fancam that you posted, Fx sang that song. Also, in the Pohang fancam I posted before, they sang that too. The lyrics are also intriguing. Telling her onnie that she has fallen in love. ♥


              Watch @ 0:47.. Maybe she liked that song because it reminds her of someone doing the onnie part. 🙂 Loving Krystal’s laughter when Thunder talked.


              • did you noticed? in that vid were mostly both host/mc should be shown in the camera with the interviewee but mostly krystal was cut, only mblaq members are shown. lol
                it was a big question for me though.

                and yes nu abo was her fave. song i watched it too.


  10. Thanks for that fancam. Is that really krystal it’s as if it wasn’t her at all. While thunder was the one whose calm. Krystal was giggling or was not in her self.lol
    Is she tense that she is already biting the cue cards?? And yes most of the time she was talking to the staffs and fans, she can only be like this to thunder. And to add that shyness are the Chessy lines that the staffs made and also thunders adlibs. Lol
    That’s why some say when it comes to thunder, Krystal’s ice princess attitude melts.


    • So true. When Thunder is near, I notice Krystal to be giggly or talkative. It’s either she giggles by herself and turns towards her members who gets confused why she is being giggly. Or, she suddenly talks to the people beside her. It’s like she suddenly becomes tense or uncomfortable that she does other things to distract her. I wonder why.

      In their interview in Arirang, Thunder thought that Krytal is “chic” (maybe like ice princess) and thought that it would be hard to work with her but he found out that she is not. He said it was fun to co-host with her.

      So true, those cheesy lines… I think they were the only mc’s who got such cheesy lines. It’s like the show were pairing them up together. 😛

      I wonder though if in those fancams, there were fans or staff teasing these two together. hahaha… I know Thunder would just keep quiet. Like during IY with Hara and when Jung ah complimented Thunder, Thunder just turned to the camera and smiled. He wasn’t able/ didn’t reply to them.


      • /watch?v=dZKj2s2gvEk this is with vic see how fine she is.

        /watch?v=ehfvVu_k5a4 with onew in 2010 still calm, no worries krystal

        /watch?v=za1zOrjsMNM a fancam with onew at 2012 with nichkhun, see the difference

        /watch?v=TCbyI3cS6Jo this was krystal in front of someone who we know have a crush in her.
        she is still chic and compose



        • /watch?v=DeWIaHHhugA Seungho hosting with Sulli and Krystal.. I think this was one of their very first hosting experience..

          /watch?v=v21q11la6ok their interview backstage…

          Thanks for those videos. You can really see that Krystal is really at ease/ comfortable with them. It doesn’t matter even if she knows that the other person has a crush on her. Or if she’s with hot male idols. She still acts naturally.

          Krystal with Thunder, I can’t just figure it out. I think they are close knowing the story of their MWave stint. However, there’s this awkwardness between them. It’s like Krystal being shy or “trying hard to act natural” when Thunder is around. And, Thunder is just his naturally awkward self. kekekek…. Like you said, the other Fx members smile at him warmly. There’s also this kind of look and that secret smile that the other Fx members have when they see Thunder then look at Krystal.
          With one of the videos that you shared, when Krystal was singing along with 2NE1’s song, and then Amber and Luna were closely checking Krystal’s reaction then they suddenly teased her. I wonder what was that all about. And also, when 2NE1 passed in front of her. She suddenly became giggly. She suddenly remembered “someone”? lol…

          I really hope for interaction between them. Or MBLAQ and Fx.. M(x) like what Seunho, Suli and Krystal said.. 🙂


          • this is a fancam at sm town /watch?v=NlKmXNQbhgk
            were kai was shy to hold krystal’s hand for their thank you greet but krystal was the one who initiate it, just like you said.

            July 31, 2010 in MBC ‘We Got Married’ Nichkhun made Victoria hurt because he called Victoria as Krystal.
            and at 08.13.10 IY thunder choose victoria even sing for her
            /watch?v=d5TEzBiqILo and the game /watch?v=NQOYIRYlSbE funy how thunder signaled to stop.


            • That’s right. She’s so comfortable and doesn’t mind skinship. But, during the MWave compilation of Krystal, she’s like trying her best to keep her hands to herself. lol… She also easily hits other people (not hard though). But, I haven’t seen her do that to Thunder. Good. I don’t want Thunder getting hurt.:P

              Thunder serenading the “omma” of Krystal? Nice move Thunder.. kekekek… Also, Thunder’s “appa” (GO) and Krystal’s “omma” are of the same age.


              @ 7:51 Krytal talking about her ideal type. She said she doesn’t want someone so tall. Only about 180cm and someone who’s attractive. Thunder easily fits that description. 🙂


              • thunder is 181cm and was so attractive, just like how iu describe him in idol manager
                so she wants manly guys, that’s why thunder been working out, he’s so manly now.

                and yes she’s too conscious when it comes to him.

                /watch?v=HOzN0NjEuSY interview of fx look how other members reaction specially sulli
                /watch?v=h2M3En4a2eI and in here an interview in arirang that tells all.
                looks krystal reaction when ask what do they think about each other and thunder’s answer, she’s intently listening too it.


                • hahaha… She looks so proud when Thunder did the onnie part.. Gotta praise Thunder’s mcing in that vid. It didn’t look awkward to me. He was able to make all the Fx members laugh. I wonder why all of them suddenly looked at Krystal when they were singing Me + U. o.o

                  I love that interview. Their body actions tell it all. Krystal’s facial expression changed when Thunder mentioned Sulli but when she realized it was a joke, she smiled. And of course, she also joked back and chose Mir. When Thunder was talking about her, I think she was feeling giddy. She couldn’t hide her smile. I noticed though that during their mcing stint, Krystal didn’t call Thunder oppa. She just called him Cheondung.

                  Let’s go to Blaq Cat. The only part I understand in the lyrics is “Sexy”. And of course, Krystal is known for her curves. Now, I really believe Blaq Cat is Krystal. 😛


                  • Thunder’s mc’ing is really good and Krystal too,, we can’t deny that fact,, the thing is,, it’s kinda awkward between them cause they have to use English while doing the stint,, although they both speak English really well, they don’t use that language more often like the old times when Thunder is in the Philippines and Krystal is in the US.. since most of the people they encounter now talk to them using their mother tongue.. so i guess that’s one of the reason..

                    i’m just hoping that these two will be in a show next year or the near future,, ^_^


                    • True. However, both of them glance at there cue cards a lot. I hope they can improve on that area. I guess that’s because of the jitters. I hope they can overcome that.

                      Yup, I’ve been hoping for that too. It’s either of the following:
                      – special performance like what Thunder and Hyorin did in Vietnam
                      – MBLAQ – Fx performance
                      – collaboration of a song
                      – both acting in the same drama or sitcom
                      – being part in a variety show, maybe WGM (but I’m not sure about WGM.. I don’t want them to be criticized.. lol)
                      – hosting together


                  • in that vid. krystal was focusing more to thunder than her members.lol

                    in blaq cat. sexy, blaq shoes sadly it was not translated or even published.
                    he wrote “you” also.

                    yes she can’t even sit tightly in that chair. she can’t call thunder oppa once his around


                    • Yup, but during the parts that she was shown, she was smiling.
                      Cannot sit still. The butterflies won’t stop moving. 😀


                      I think this describes Krystal. I haven’t seen Thunder wear a jacket over a clean hoodie though. But reading the lyrics reminds me of the Google Event in HongKong and the other fancams where Krystal keeps on glancing on where Thunder is located. 😀


  11. /watch?v=fobnCIl5ek4

    Let’s analyze this vid again. Something is bothering me in this vid. Pause or slowmo @ 5:15. So Krystal is looking at where Thunder is. Thunder is touching his mouth or nose, so you can’t really see if he was talking. The guy near Thunder ( I don’t know his name), puts up his arm @ 5:17. At the same time, you can also see Krystal’s mouth moving. Then that guy points in front and acts like nothing happened. When Krystal’s mouth was moving, that was also the time when IU looked at where Thunder is. When Krystal’s mouth stopped moving (like talking), you can see Thunder’s hands like motioning somebody to come near him. IU started nodding her head and her mouth starts to move. Krystal then looks away. But then Thunder’s hand was motioning “stop”. That’s when IU was being called by the mc’s so Krystal called IU’s attention.

    So, I’m not sure who Krystal was talking to since the guy near Thunder acted like nothing happened. Wouldn’t it be rude if he acted like than when Krystal was talking to him. And when the guy, looked away already, Krystal was still looking in that direction. Krystal only looked away when IU started nodding and “talking” to Thunder. I don’t think Krystal was talking to Amber either.

    I’m thinking Krystal mouthed some words to Thunder and Thunder replied but IU thought he was talking to her. So, IU replied but Thunder was like saying it’s a misunderstanding so he motioned for a “stop” sign. Then IU get’s called in front. Then Thunder just smiles at the confusion that happened.

    Too little interaction. We need more!!! kekekeke….


    • it was beast kikwang. so at the original vid, dojun was talking to krystal but when dojun left krystal still looking at that direction even so she move to her right to position herself so she can see easily. and as you can see dojun change places a lot of times but thunder is in that same place, straight to her and even can see her clearly even how many times he played with other members or idols, he never left that same place not until fx goes to vic in the front. and when that happened he slighty move forward to.see how mblaq members changed places too. and for krystal all sm artist are in her right side so who’s the person she frequently look at? maybe that’s the only time they can see each other.lol


      • oh, so that was Kikwang… kekeke…
        Yup. In the original vid, Dojoon was talking to Krystal just when they counted to one and started greeting each other. But, I couldn’t spot Dojoon just before Thunder and IU were “talking”. Because I can see Krystal’s mouth moving just before IU started nodding her head to Thunder (edited fancam). I couldn’t figure out who Krystal was “talking” to even after looking at the original vid. After Krystal “talked”, she even looked at IU nodding then after that she looked away. Notice her expression when she looked away.

        Ah… they only know what truly happened… kekeke…


        • Yes just them. But one thing I’m so sure is they look at each other a lot. Cause iu look at thunder by following The direction krystal was looking at.
          So happy for them. And I want a fancam as of this days, the most recent one.


          • Me too. I want them to interact… I hope we can see them together on stage soon…

            I miss Thunder. He is the only one inactive among MBLAQ. I wonder when they will have their comeback.

            If he will not be on the gayos this December, I will be disappointed.


            • I think they will but I doubt in melon awards. Hoping that they will mc in music shows again even for just once.
              Doong wrote the lyrics of don’t go what do you think?
              I also remember while in mwave days doong’s fave song was taeyang’s just a feeling. If we can make a fancam base on them since 2010 to now, I wonder. Lol


              • /watch?v=81NjRpyGG1o

                Here’s a little bit of Krystal’s fancam collection during MWave. lol.. These two talk more to the staff and fans than to each other. Very shy?? In most vids that I saw, Krystal doesn’t usually mind skinship with other male idols. In fact, she’s the one initiating the contact like for photoshoots because I think she knows that the male idols are shy to do it. But, as for Thunder, she’s like trying hard to avoid skinship.

                As for the song Don’t Go, Thunder mentioned during interviews that he’s an expert with one-sided love because he’s awkward with girls. He hasn’t tried confessing his feelings. There was a time though when his friend told his crush about what he feels and his crush suddenly avoided him. I think that left a big mark on him that’s why he doesn’t express his feelings. He’s scared to be rejected/ avoided.


      • In this vid, you can see that doong was looking at Krystal’s direction before the mblaq members hugs, and when you watch at the original vid. They did this right after the countdown, and at the same time krystal was talking to dojun. He was slightly glimpsing at her.


  12. have you seen Dara’s airport fashion? Underneath her coat was an all black ensemble. And when F(x) attended some awards as well as MAMA, Krystal also wore an all-black attire. She just wore a yellow jacket when she mc’d… /watch?v=bHVzvREBlHk&sns=tw
    Too bad Thunder wasn’t there to be her co-mc… kekeke….

    I think Jessica approves. I saw a fancam before when MBLAQ performed and she and the other SNSD members were fangirling. Unless, Jessica also likes Thunder for herself. kekeke… just joking…

    Yes, I also wonder about that. But I guess they were close since during their MWave recording, Thunder let Krystal borrow his own phone so that Krystal can play games. You don’t just let anybody borrow your phone, do you? Besides, doesn’t Krystal have her own phone?

    When Krystal bows or meets Thunder, she becomes giggly or suddenly hides her face using her hair or turns her back on Thunder. I wonder why her reaction is like that. The other Fx members don’t react like that. Hmmmmm….

    I just hope we can see them interact… I just hope we can see Thunder on shows this December…


    • for 6 mos. once a week. practicing,etc. of course you will going to get closer.
      she was only like that to thunder. other members doesn’t react like that they even smiled at him warmly.

      do you know thunder’s sched this december? sad they’re not in mama
      i was thinking maybe mblaq and beast didn’t attend because of iris2 shooting.


      • I also don’t know. But since Thunder doesn’t have much schedule, maybe he will have some special performances with other idols. Unless, the music stations would prefer to get the busy MBLAQ members to perform. 😦

        I heard that groups who only attend MAMA are those who will win an award. If you’re not a winner, you’re not invited. Not unless, you’re just going to attend to promote a song. Too bad, MBLAQ didn’t win an award. Congrats to the winners though. Their fans are really active in voting. 🙂

        Yeah, the reactions of these two to each other are really puzzling so I’m really trying to figure it out. lol…
        Their fashion sense are also similar. There was a show before where Thunder and Sunhwa were invited in a show that talked about fashion. Thunder and Sunhwa were asked to dress up each other. Thunder chose shorts for Sunhwa/ woman. Then after that, Krystal usually exposes her legs up to now. When they just debuted, she was wearing leggings with the shorts or fitted pants. She didn’t really expose her legs. Victoria was the one exposing her legs during their debut.


  13. /watch?v=DUc8AV0plH4

    @ 5:07 krystal was so into it. supportive?
    usually she was the cold expression in the group but here she was so energetic, even how she clapped and @ 6:00 look how dara greet/bow to luna than krystal and how krys greet/bow minzy than dara. that’s the first time i saw dara greet/bow like that she usually greet/bow formally.


  14. i also saw seungho with thunder in those fancams. he even pulled thunder closer to them. i remembered that he is closer to amber, he is in her thanks to in their album.
    yes these two are really private persons though their families are very known publicly.
    if WGM is possible why not. and maybe they would be tag still as the awkward couple.lol

    do you remember in episode 3 in idol manager were fx guest, krystal even said don’t ever doubt them but who was the one whom never let go of the signed paper and doubted them? even the members believed in him…..


    • yeah, it was Seungho who pushed Thunder closer to the girl’s place.. 🙂 Seungho was also beside Thunder.. very supportive hyung.. kekeke…

      I didn’t know that Amber is close to Seungho. Then we have more connections.. lol…

      Oh, about Idol Manager.. Too bad, we didn’t see MBLAQ – F(x) interaction… I’m gonna surf if there are fancams for that Cheonju event.. 😛


        • Yes, I think that IU and Thunder are really good friends. IU even said in Idol Manager that Sunggyu and Thunder are really close to her and that they are like her brothers.

          I’m not sure if they will attend. Their agencies haven’t confirmed their participation yet. I really hope that they are going to attend. Hopefully, MBLAQ’s individual schedules aren’t so packed so they could attend the event as a group.

          In the first episode of Idol Army when they played charades, Thunder knew that Krystal was the real maknae in Fx. They just newly debuted that time and he already knew that info. After 3 years from debut, a lot of people still mistake Sulli as the real maknae. They get shocked when they learn it’s Krystal. Thunder’s reaction when he read Krystal’s name was amusing. He was like shocked and didn’t know what to do. kekkeke….


          • That’s a big question for me when I first saw it. His reaction is something
            And their interview in pop in Seoul. Lol
            While thunder is someone whom you can’t easily read, krystal was the opposite.


            • I agree. Thunder is really hard to read. He’s not that talkative. I guess the way he expresses what he feels is thru music.


              This is a fancam from the KBS Gayo 2011. Seungho again pulls Thunder closer to FX and IU’s area. Notice also that it’s only Seungho and Thunder there. The other blaquies were not there. Also, Nichkhun. 🙂
              I guess SH said some thing so Sulli and Krystal looked at the back smiling. Notice also that Krystal came “closer” to Thunder’s area by talking to IU. Then Jessice came and was like “pushing” Krystal towards Thunder. However, notice that Krystal never looked at Thunder. She bowed to CNBlue but never bowed to where SH, NK and Thunder were located. And, oh well, Thunder was just awkwardly standing at the back. lol…


              hehe… just posting because the pretty little girl likes Thunder.. The little girl’s name is Soojung which is the same as the real name of Krystal… 🙂


              • Thunder lol! It was so awkward, it doesn’t matter with seungho cause he was talking with khun and others but doong was just there.lol
                So sulli and krystal was not formal with them unlike other idols, they’d met 2010 so maybe it stared there. When Jessica pushed her towards him, she look so serious but became normal when they went back in their position.

                Did you hear krystal and Jess song butterfly it’s a perfect song for them.


                • I know right… It was awkward. I was wondering why Seungho chose that place. They were like out of place. Then suddenly, Krystal was so talkative. And when Thunder is close, she never looked at him.

                  I think CNBlue also debuted in 2009.

                  I haven’t heard it yet. I thought the song You’re my Destiny by Luna and Krystal fits Thunder and Krystal… kekeke…

                  Ah, there was an interview and they asked Krystal about his ideal guy. And she answered Goong Yoo. Then they asked about the ideal height of the guy and she said 180cm… Close enough to Thunder’s height. And then Victoria said that Krystal’s ideal guy is someone who is manly. Thunder is manly nowadays, right??? kekeke


                  • seungho choose that place in favor of thunder. lol
                    she never look at him when his near and i find it already why not in other idols
                    i saw a fancam were she was so playful with shinee, suju, even exo k, doojun, and lots more that she had been work with, but why never like that with doong they’d work together for 6 mos. outside mwave no interaction at all, just formally greeting by bowing but sometimes she doesn’t do that either. a big question?

                    and yeah you”re my destiny is perfect for them too.

                    by that fancam does jess approved?lol


    • Thanks for the video… Look at Krystal when Cheondung stayed near them. Looks like she was feeling giddy. Then suddenly she turned her back from Cheondung and kept her face covered by her hair. She didn’t act like that when other male idols were near her. 😀

      I also saw a fan video of IU and Cheondung. Krystal was beside IU when Cheondung was “talking” to IU. I will post the video later when I get home.

      I also like how F(x)’s song Jet has Thunder beam in their lyrics… hahahah… I also feel like F(x)’s song Beautiful Stranger some what describe Cheondung… I’m getting delusional… hahaha….


      • yes i saw a lot of fancams in mb hk. krystal always looking at her left side, only infinite and mblaq are in there. so maybe one of them.
        funny how krystal acted when doong was near her. maybe her members knew that’s why they protected her a lot.


        • I also noticed that she glances more than the usual where Thunder is located.
          Like this fancam: /watch?v=g3FXfKH5ae0
          MBLAQ just finished performing and they were leaving the stage. Fx was next to perform and the crossed paths.
          During the performance, Krystal kept looking at the side where MBLAQ exited and kept on smiling/giggling.
          Also in this fancam: /watch?v=wJH2b4aBAiU
          Thunder is at the upper right side and Krystal is at the middle front (near Victora, beside the tall guy)
          @ 3:44 mark onwards, she keeps on looking at the back.. [coincidentally, that’s where Thunder is :)]

          Here’s the IU-Thunder fanvid I was talking about earlier. Notice that in most cases, Krystal is also near IU.


      • /watch?v=GLAwaX4zHPY


        although krystal was the first one to go. might as well look at jess whom greeted all mblaq members except one……. maybe


        • I read some where that Jessica and Dara are friends. Not very close friends though.

          This vid analyzes IU – Thunder interaction. The original vid is this one ( /watch?v=wJH2b4aBAiU )
          The edited vid shows Thunder on the left screen but he is actually located in the back,upper right corner. You can check their actual locations in the original fancam.
          However, pause at 4:06 or 4:07. Thunder and Krystal’s eyes met but then avoided eye contact. lol…
          @ 4:11 Krystal was looking at the same place again.. This time IU also looked and had some “conversation” with Thunder. However, Krystal “broke” the conversation because the mc’s were calling for IU to go in front. Krystal and the other Fx members also went near Victoria, who is one of the mc’s. However, Krystal still glances at the back.. 🙂
          I really wonder. When Thunder is close, she covers her face or turns her back. But when he is a little farther, she keeps on glancing where he is located.. o.o


          • funny how it is an iu thunder fancam but krystal looks more to him than her. and yes your right when she’s close she acts differently. and if you based at all the fancams it’s been a year or two,… wow! i guessed….lol….
            they’re a lot of bridges


            • haha… yes.. There are a lot of bridges. Thunder is also a friend of Nichkhun who is the “husband” of Victoria. 😀
              Yup, the fancams range from two years ago until this year. But, the situation is still the same… Glances and awkwardness… hahaha… Cute!!

              I also wish both groups will be part in the Gayo’s. I want to watch and analyze the fancams.. haha..
              Better yet, I want Thunder and Krystal to have a special performance similar to what Thunder and Hyorin performed in Vietnam. 😛


              • Yes, I hope to.
                Iu and Minho are their famous shippers. But I think by watching krystal in those fancams she’s really different towards him than other male idols. Mostly thinks of krystal negatively but I think she’s sweet based on those fancams


                • IU likes Taeyang who likes Dara who likes Minho who likes Krystal who likes Thunder who likes IU???? Is that how the circle goes?? hahahaha…. But IU dated Eunhyuk and Minho has a project with Sulli. So, the ones left in the circle are Dara, Taeyang, Krystal and Thunder. ho-ho-ho…

                  Yeah, they think of Krystal negatively. I don’t know why. She has the same expressions with Sohee but they think Sohee is cute and adorable.

                  One thing I noticed though, Krystal and Thunder are very careful when talking about their personal life. They are not talkative about it.


            • /watch?v=41iyW5gOOwc

              I just watched this video. And speaking of bridges, Krystal is very close to Jonghyun of Shinee. It’s @ the 1:14 mark of the vid. And like you mentioned, Thunder said that he is friends with Jonghyun in MBLAQ Idol Manager. Very nice.. 😀 They can go on a group date. 😛


              • Someone post this: Krystal said herself in of the radio show that the male idol who she’s close with is Jonghyun. And she also wrote his name in pinocchio thanks to album where krystal didnt write any other male idol’s name there. So i think their closeness is real. Doing even bought jjongs socks in idol manager. Connections. Even some fans said that krys and sohee are so alike. And do you know doong’s ideal type.hehe


                • hahaha…. And Thunder also wrote IU in the Thanks To portion in one of their albums. And IU is really close to Luna. The connections are really close.
                  Yup, Sohee and Krystal are so alike. Ice princesses. You can also spot Sohee in the vids where Thunder, Krystal and IU were there. Very small world. 😀 Thunder’s “girlfriend” in Mnet Scandal looks similar to Krystal.
                  Another info also, Thunder and Krystal’s blood type is A.


          • at that fanvid before iu and doong talks, iu did not really looks at doong but just follows the direction in which krystal looks at. @ 5:11 – 5:18

            excited for this year’s gayo’s.


  15. I have to agree in this one. Although I ship thunder with other idols too. But this two is really cute also. I saw a video in this year mb hk were sulli and Vic teasing krystal. We’re mblaq was their too. I’ll post the vid here


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