|OLD SHOWS| Thunder and Krystal as emcees in MWave

Back in 2010, Thunder and Krystal were emcees for the music program MWave. Here are some cuts.

Most of the feedback was that they were awkward. I don’t disagree with that.  I think these are some of the reasons why:
– they were still “new idols” during that time and that was their first time hosting, so the level of nervousness  was really high. Particularly, MWave was a new show also.
– it was a duo: a male-female idol combination.. In most cases of male-female idol combinations, there are 3 or 4 people involved. If there are only two idols hosting, they are usually both males or both females.
– they were hosting in English which is not their native language and haven’t used that in a long time..
-Thunder memorizes choreos  easily but I think he cannot exactly memorize the script as is that’s why he keeps on looking at his cue cards. He’s the type who gets the important info and just ad libs for the other parts.
– parts of their scripts are so ‘cheesy’…. hahahaha… I’m not complaining though… I love Krystal-Thunder pairing… 😛

credit: FXNFCHK

If you don’t like Thunder-Krystal pairing, don’t scroll down!

Me spazzing on Thunder-Krystal…

From Fx’s latest performances, Krystal is wearing a shirt with the word “THUNDERBIRD” and the number 21! Plus, a dinosaur earring! There’s only one earring, she’s wearing it on her right ear only. She has worn dinosaur earrings in different colors in different performances (white, pink, blue, red). She only wore it in her right ear. I have never seen Krystal try this kind of earrings/style. She usually wears glamorous dangling earrings for performances.

Krystal pouting in these pics  (Thunder also really loves to pout). And she’s wearing Thunder earrings! And the color is black and silver. Black Thunder? MBLAQ Thunder?? lol….

Rocking the airport fashion: White shirt, leather jacket, black pants and sun glasses!

183 thoughts on “|OLD SHOWS| Thunder and Krystal as emcees in MWave

    So far………

    Thunder is now shooting a drama with Kara’s Park Kyu Ri.

    In this drama, Thunder will play a role of a gay, and 2 girls will make triangle relation between him.

    Cr: jjong

    really gay? seems interesting huh..
    and 2 girls going crazy over him..


  2. I thought I was the only one who noticed the lightning bolt earrings and the THUNDERBIRD shirt 😀

    I’ve shipped Doongie with Krystal since the M Wave days (and with many other female idols actually xD). Like you, I’m also dying to know how close they got during that time and any other behind the scenes interactions. I’m also hoping for more interactions between them in the future… 🙂

    Do you know Krystal’s style nowadays of tucking the front part of her shirt in her shorts? Doongie also did that once 😀 I’ll try to find the pictures.


    • yes, exactly a great news for this first month of january.

      there’s more on our list.

      so excited for his drama, so this is the reason why he never cut his hair?
      because the drama title was nail salon paris, a salon.


      • i presume that he took acting lessons, that’s why he’s been in hiatus for such a long time after idol manager ended to prepare for this..

        i wonder what kind of character he would be playing in this upcoming drama.. hehe
        i didn’t expect him to grab main character though.. because idols are usually to be in supporting roles whenever they debut as an actor.. although he has debuted in padam padam many consider nail salon paris as his debut drama..


    • hehehe…. Half-granted though because it’s not with Krystal. But, I’m not complaining. 😛 So happy that Thunder got casted in a drama. I hope it goes well.

      I’m just also surprised that he got the main lead role since he didn’t have a lot of acting exposures yet. I hope it really goes well. Go Thunder!! Fighting!!

      OT: And now I finally figured out why they mentioned the Tae Kwon Do Masters in SBS Gayo with MBLAQ. I guess they were included in the martial arts stunts that they did for Run. Too bad, the camera didn’t capture it well. 😦


      • there will be a time when the two of them will be together in a cf or drama.. since Shinee became the endorser of etude before krystal and sulli.. their contract will definitely end before the two.. so etude should get thunder after shinee..


  3. @ maea14: I think Seohyun – Thunder started because Thunder chose Seohyun as his answer in one of their radio interviews. I think the question is MBLAQ’s favorite SNSD member or SNSD member closest to their ideal type. I’m not sure already.

    @blaqswann: oooohhhhhh…. A Filipino song, huh? And Krystal really had to play the piano for it. 🙂 Me likey….. 😀

    Here’s a fancam in SBS Gayo: /watch?v=rn4vvhnYR9Q

    It’s a reversal of positions in MBC Gayo. Now, it’s Seungho near Fx. Cheondung is near Joon but trying to look for somebody.

    We definitely need longer videos. 😦

    Also, I was watching Raising Idols and T. Nadia said that Thunder gets easily bored. Hmmmmm… Same as Krystal, neh? 🙂


    • oh yes.. i used to listen to this song back in 2006 when i was still in elementary.. hehe…
      isn’t Nina used to be part of M.Y.M.P.. thunder said in a radio show before that dara likes M.Y.M.P he even corrected the pronunciation of the dj.. because the dj mispronounce the meaning of M.Y.M.P


      • Nina used to be a member of MYMP? I just knew it now. kekeke… Lol, the three of us are Filipinos. We can relate to each other. 🙂

        Yeah, I watched that radio guesting. Thunder even asked SH for them to give hearts when the song was finishing. So cute. 🙂


        • i thought i was the only Filipino here, and it turn out that the 2 of you are Filipino too.. hehe..
          she used to be before she went solo.. she was then replaced by juris..
          i know that nina released an album in s.korea, before but was just wondering.. why did jessica choose it? of all the song in the world.. she choose to perform an OPM song with krystal.. which is very overwhelming.. ^_^


          • And what I don’t like above all was until now mblaq has never been in the philippines. They have a lot of fans here. I’m glad docs choose it and even krystal was performing with her, it was more meaningful for me.


            • Thunder said before that he wants to promote here in the Philippines since he spends most of his life here, but until now they didn’t come here..
              they even promoted in japan and other countries.. so why not here in the Philippines?


              • He really wants to promote here, but they need a producer here too. Maybe it’s the business side that they are having problems with so they’re not yet coming here. I believe Philippines has a special place in Thunder’s heart and mind.

                I was wondering why they chose that song too. The lyrics is about one-sided love. And to add to that, Krystal had a participation in it. 😉

                Makes me also curious about the celebrity or celebrities that confessed to Thunder. Is Yirang considered a celebrity? The chef in Raising Idols (Key’s teacher)..

                I saw Krystal and Sulli’s Etude pics. I think Shinee is still their male counterpart. 😦


                • i will miss dara. ageless and a vampire dara.

                  hoping thunder will be next in line too.

                  yes, i also think it was the problem, producer here but also jtune are not really promoting mblaq just like how cube did promote beast.

                  even 4min came in the phil. with no expectations, mblaq will be much more loved group if they came in the phil. knowing thunder grew up in the philippines and somehow can speak tagalog

                  watching the mbc gayo ending seems like thunder are not interacting well with other groups, he seems quite and so is krystal.


                  • thunder suit to be in a cosmetic ad cause his naturally handsome..

                    i dunno but, it seems like jtune don’t want to gamble…
                    even ze:a came here.. ( i don’t like ze:a specially the plastic surgery guy kwanghee , who happens to choose krystal as his ideal type)..
                    jtune lacks in promoting MBLAQ..


                • Shinee = -_- =.. i’m holding my anger pft.. those taestal shipper are happy again!!

                  etude should have just replace Shinee with no other than thunder.. he has smooth skin and he’s handsome.. he’s perfect for a cosmetics ad..

                  i was still hoping that one day krystal and thunder will atleast star in dramas or even just for a cf or just be paired up for some special stage…

                  i don’t know if i consider her a celebrity.. me too, i was really curious.. who could she/they be? hehe


    • it’s not really surprising that someone in Korea would sing this song since Nina release an album in S.Korea in 2009.. one of the feature song is Someday..

      it was really overwhelming that a Korean Idol would sing an OPM song..
      Super Junior even covered Nina’s song what if.. ^_^


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