[NOTICE] *UPDATE*Please Support OhThunder and Donate!

Hey guys, so we’re finally setting up a donation fund for OhThunder! Me and the other admins have decided that we really would like to do projects for Thunder and show him how much we love him but we just can’t do it by ourselves T-T We need your help! We would like to start our first steps into this by asking for any amount of donation to OhThunder, seriously any amount is fine and we would appreciate it ㅠ.ㅜ

We will constantly update this list of donors so if you donate, we will send you email of confirmation and your name will be updated on this list! Please help us in sharing Thunder love!


We are in dire need of donations to send the messagebook that we created for Thunder + the small gifts we need T-T

You can donate via:

Paypal: email donation to thundersound0710@gmail.com

Western Union: Please leave a comment below or email us at ohthunder@gmail.com for further information.

If those are unapplicable to you, please leave a comment and we will work something out.

[When donating, please fill out this information and leave a comment or email it to us at ohthunder@gmail.com]


 – – – –


Thelma L., Thay’se K.

Deadline: None

Amount: Any amount

Donation will be used to:

– Turn ohthunder.wordpress.com → ohthunder.com
– Possibly towel slogans with OhThunder logo
– Possibly OhThunder lightsticks
– Rice wreaths for MBLAQ concerts
– Birthday projects for Thunder
– Many more to come!

If you have any questions or comments, please leave a message below ♥

6 thoughts on “[NOTICE] *UPDATE*Please Support OhThunder and Donate!

  1. wish i could help but i don’t have the means yet. i feel bad for not being able to help but i hope you’ll find the funds to send the gifts to thunder. uhm, thank you for sharing and keeping us updated with thunder.


  2. hello!

    I really like this site and will donate once I can.

    also, I really, really wanted to ask this of you…can you post videos with english subtitles…uwaaaah…Im not demanding but kindly begging. I really want to know what they’re talking about sometimes…

    But still!!!! I love your site and will support it because I really love Thunder and am biased about him. wah. hwaiting!


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