Magazine: [TRANSLATED] 130222 [TRANS] MBLAQ’s Q&A for THE BLAQ FUN-CH!

MBLAQ one fo the sexiest and strongest performing group of K-POP is finally returning to Japan! On March 27 they will kick in a full japanese comeback with the realease of a new japanese single. “MONA LISA – Japanese Version –” for the the first time in a year and five months they will tell us their thoughts in a press conferece. This is the Question and Answer report of the conference.

Q: Now, how are you feeling in come back to your japanese activities?

Seungho: We don’t meet each other in a long time! I’m really happy to be able to return here.

G.O: Even if it was really nice to see some of you while I was in the stage for my solo musical activity, I’m more than glad to meet my fans with the rest of MBLAQ.

Joon: I have a great feeling and I hope I can do a lot better in our future encouters in Japan.

Cheondung: I’m glad to come to Japan again after so many time! Thank you.

Mir: I’ve read a lot from you fans on SNS! It feels nice to finally come to meet you guys in person again.

Q: What you can tell us about MONA LISA – Japanese Version – ?

G.O: Although this will be the first time we will actually promote a japanese version of a korean song the melody is great and you can relate to someone through this song. When we released the original version in Korea the response was great and not only in our country, but also aboard so we’re very glad to lauch a japanese version.

Cheondung: I’m very happy with the japanese lyrics, so I practiced very hard my pronunciation. I was able to learn it more quickly than I thought and I hope I can transmit well the feelings of such great lyrics.

Seungho: At first we thought about translate the exact same content of the Korean lyrics or some that would fit the Korean word pronunciation, but using japanese lyrics we thought that we needed to incorporate the unique sensibility Japan has so we could fit it nicely on our style. Japanese people, our pronunciation might not be perfect, but please, watch warmly the results that practice efforts brought to us and wish us good luck!

Q: For those who don’t know MBLAQ that well, please, introduce the group.

Joon: We are a sexy group! (The translator said that with such a shy smile while speaking it in japanese that it brought laughs even to the MC and Joon quickly apologize for making her uncomfortable) I’m sorry, we’re all very friendly and funny, but we do take our charisma seriously on stage therefore we’re a sexy group.

Mir: We have the best performances, we are all handome and we’re a flawless group, perfect in everything. (Laughs)

Seungho: It’s just like they said. (Laughs)

Q: To Lee Joon, what are your thoughts about shooting the drama IRIS 2?

Joon: I felt that it will be one of the most dificult shooting I will have, I’ve not started to shooting yet, but you have my word that I will do my best.

Q: To Seungho, please sing a song from the musical.

Seungho: I heard that people say that you have to see the whole musical first, because the feeling will only be transmited if you listen to everyone before. So I don’t have to sing now? (Lauhgs, he ended up singing one line of the song with a serious look as if he was acting.)

Q: To G.O, how was like to have a Kiss scene in the musical?

G.O: About that kiss … Is not even a real kiss, actually! it was all an acting technique. (The MC asked for a demonstration and with a shy expression G.O tried to place his face close to Joon’s, but Seungho interrupted causing the audiente to scream louder)

Q: To Cheondung, Dara is a really beautiful sister and everyone ask you about how do you feel if she ever get married in the future, but do you never thought about yourself getting married?

Cheondung seemed surprise: This is the first time someone ask me something like this! I met a woman who had AB blood type once and I like her personality. Who here has AB blood type?

Q: To Mir, If you had a grilfrind, what would you plan for a Valentine’s Day surprise?

Mir: I always thought about it when I was in High School! (Laughs) And I hope I got a chance to do so one thay, I will take her to my hometown on Jeollanam-do province and will make a candle road placing the candles side by side so she could follow it to find me waiting for her by the end of it.

Q: Do you have any messages to your fans?

Seungho: I think that since we debuted here until now wasn’t easy and we want to do a good job and start to work a lot in Japan. Thank you for all your support. G.O and I were able to finish a successful musical performances and now we are here to continue to work hard as MBLAQ in a whole!

G.O: I think that the japanese fans who love MBLAQ haven’t had the chance to live up our affection for them, I would like to respond to their love more from now on!

Joon: Sexy group is finally back! Everyone, please enjoy our work and become one of our fans!

Cheondung: The fact that we’re here after so long, I’d like to show you a good stage and surprises we’ve been preparing for you all in the future.

Mir: Last year we’ve been aple to perform live in Japan as part of our Asian tour and I felt a lot of evergy from the fans. I hope we can return all this energy now and I hope we can continue to exchange such energy in the future.

Source: Asian Hana.
Translated: Carolline

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  1. sneaky Cheondung…
    Gyuri is type AB… Along with Suzy, Sohee, Yuri, Jiyeon (T-ara)… so many choices.. Which one of them? kkkk


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