Magazine+Translations: 130322 Statuesque Thunder and fun MBLAQ for Japanese Magazine Haru Hana

Thunder is so handsome it hurts. Look at him, gah! manjjitdol and chicdol T-T He’s such a model ♥


Q: You’re the leading actor in “Nail Shop in Paris.” How do you feel now?

Thunder: I felt lots of pressure at first. But there are four main characters in this show, so it’s not like I’m the only main one. I was relieved by that. I am enjoying filming since atmosphere during filming is really good. But when I filmed a scene with spring clothes on in the winter, I thought I would die lol. Since this is my first experience in drama, I am working on this with an attitude of “I’m wiling to learn anything.”

Q: How do you spend time with your co-cast, Gyuri from KARA during filming?

Thunder: We share snacks lol. We always do that. And we talk about our industry (entertainment industry). She asks me “is there anything you’re worried?” She’s a nice seonbae(선배).

Q: How people around you reacted when you got a role?

Thunder: My sister DARA got really excited. Seems like she also wants to do acting, so she celebrated her brother doing acting. I don’t live with my members anymore, so we can’t watch the show together. But we are often so busy like we don’t have any time even watching TV, so we try to watch each other’s show when we each have time.


Twitter Q&A Cheondung’s Answers

Q: How much this you practice for your role? (in Nail Salon in Paris) Do you do your nails also?

Thunder: I practiced three times a week for 2-3 weeks. I can paint flower patterns, but I don’t think it’s for me lol (*he thinks he’s not good at it). I don’t do my nails, but if I have a girlfriend someday, I’d love to do her nails. Gold would be nice. Gold is pretty expensive, that’s why I love gold lol

Q: I recently became a fan of MBLAQ. How do you want to be called by your fans?

Thunder: Please call me (us) “Oppa” ♡

Q: Message to your fans waiting for your comeback.

Thunder: Please give lots of love to “Mona Lisa Japanese Version.”

Q: I heard that you guys got into trouble because of heavy snow in Sapporo. Could you tell us about it?

Thunder: We flew to Chitose airport, but the plane couldn’t land because of heavy snow. So we flew back to Haneda (where they departed). And then, we took a cab to go to the station where we took Shinkansen (high-speed rail). And then we took a cab again to go to the airport, and then plane…we used EVERY transportation to get there and we arrived in Sapporo. It was terrible lol


Special Interview, Star Gravure

Impression of Mona Lisa Japanese Version

Thunder: I think the song (Mona Lisa Japanese Version) got warm feeling by changing it into Japanese. Like…it’s softer(milder) than the original song…

Any episode while re-filming the MV?

Thunder:We filmed it at an underground parking lot. In fact, the filming day was the coldest day in this winter in Korea! It was soooooo cold. I was freezing while filming, but I think the final piece came out really cool! My body was frozen because of the weather, but I think it helped to give the feeling of nervousness lol

Message to your fans!

Thunder:We’d be happy if you listen to this many times since we put lots of effort into this and we sung it with our feeling of missing all of you.


MBLAQ 2 Shot Talk

*They did rock-paper-scissors and Cheondung lost. The loser got to chose first, and Cheondung chose Mir to do 2 shot talk.

Cheondung answers about Mir-

Q: Why did you choose Mir?

Thunder: Because he was next to me when we did rock-paper-scissors lol He was the closest, so…doesn’t have any specific reason.

Q: Do you know any secrets of Mir?

Thunder: He doesn’t have any secret, but I know the fact that fans might not know. Mir is a really hard worker. He puts his 100% effort into anything. Surprised? lol

Q: Tell us good things about Mir.

Thunder:I am impressed with his attitude of enjoying anything and sense of humor. We are closest by age, so…how can I say…we understand each other without words (without saying anything).


G.O. chose Cheondung because he was the last one.

G.O. answers about Cheondung-

Q: Do you know any secrets of Cheondung?

G.O.: MBLAQ doesn’t have any secrets. We’ve been spending so much time together, so there’s nothing we’ll be surprised of. hahahaha lol It means that we are close that much. We’re like family.

Q: Tell us good things about Cheondung.

G.O.: Good things about Cheondung? Uh…(*he was thinking for a while..). Uh…don’t know if you ask me like that..(*Seems like he was embarrassed by the question because he doesn’t say those things out loud often). I think a good thing about him is his height? lol

Source: @kyaminiki87
Translated by: @minhoonha
Re-uploaded by: kamepichan@OhThunder

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