{CLOSED}[NOTICE] Send your messages to Thunder and MBLAQ for MBLAQ First Contact in the Philippines!

Hello everyone~ This is rather sudden but if you’re interested in leaving messages to Thunder and MBLAQ, please leave a comment below! MBLAQ will be coming to the Philippines next Sunday, March 31st and MBLAQPH is able to give them boxes of gifts and messages!

Message Project: Once we get all the messages, I will make them into messagebook like design and we will print them out and it will be added to the gift box that MBLAQPH will send for the concert.


 (You can leave your messages on the comments below OR email us @ohthunder@gmail.com)

100-word limit (not including the information below)






Please remember to abide by these guidelines when writing your message:

  • No cursing.
  • English or Korean is preferred, but please do not use Google Translator – we will know. We will accept other languages, as long as you translate them into one of the two languages listed above.
  • Shipping couple pairs must be kept at a minimum.
  • Messages should be 100 words maximum!  Make your messages meaningful, and make the 100 words count so that Thunder and MBLAQ will know how much you love them!


You can send your WESTERN UNION donations to this following details:

Name: Kristine Danielle Ramirez
Address: Barangay 24, 89 West RR Station, Batangas City, Philippines.
Contact number (mobile) – 09213174129

After sending your donations please send us the following:

Contact number:
Address (including the country):
Amount sent: 
Money transfer control number :

You may tweet or DM me @sachico28 Or email me at sachico_anime4ever_kriloji@yahoo.com


Send your money to thundersound0710@gmail.com

For more questions, please leave a comment below or email us at ohthunder@gmail.com. Once again, you can leave your messages below at the comments section or email us at ohthunder@gmail.com

100 thoughts on “{CLOSED}[NOTICE] Send your messages to Thunder and MBLAQ for MBLAQ First Contact in the Philippines!

  1. Name: Valencia
    Age: 17
    Location : Indonesia

    hi mblaq! ❤
    first at all thankyou to all of you to made tons of lovable musics. thanks for your hardwork ^^
    and i believe all A+s around the world are really really miss you! please #comeBLAQ soon :"((
    oppas please keep healthy and happy cuz youre our spirit. your happiness is part of our happiness too<3

    please comeback here to indonesia. promise to all of you to watch your concert again 😀
    and the last MBLAQ FIGHTING !


  2. Name: Chrystal
    Age: 15
    Location: Singapore
    Hi thunder! I love your angelic voice,cool dance moves and your charisma ❤ I will contiune to support you and the other members of mbaq till the very end. Really hope to see you guys one day and that will definitely be the best day of my life 🙂


  3. Name: Giovanna
    Age: 23
    Location: Italy

    Annyeonghaseyo Giovanna imnida ^^
    I always can’t find the right words to express myself so I’m sorry if I’m banal or repetitive 😉
    There are many things I want to tell you but I will limit myself only to tell you
    Thanks for your music
    Thank you for being able to cheer me up when I was sad
    Thanks for the laughter, for the emotional tears
    Thanks for being joined in my life!
    I hope to see you soon in Europe ^^
    Cheondung oppa & MBLAQ Fighting!!
    With love Giovanna


  4. Name: Janine

    Age: 27

    Location: Germany

    Annyeonghaseyo MBLAQ members, this is Janine 😀

    I just wanna say THANK YOU for your loveable music!!! I love everything about it.
    And your emotional voices flowing deep into my heart and your dance moves make me wanna dancing and singing along with you together and make me feel happy everyday!! You gave me the strength to keep moving on!
    You’re all awesome characters, please never change 😉
    I LOVE YOU AND YOUR MUSIC, GUYS! Kisses! ❤ ❤ ❤


  5. Name: Melizza
    Age: 22
    Location: Philippines

    Welcome back to the Manila, Sanghyun! I hope you got to meet with your old friends that I know you miss so much! I hope you return to Korea with good memories of MBLAQ’s first concert in the Philippines! We have waited patiently for you guys for 3 years now and I hope you truly felt the love and support from your Filipino fans! Until we meet again! I wish you well in every challenge you take, especially your upcoming drama! Take care always and just keep being passionate about music 🙂 We love you!


  6. Name: Barbra
    Age: 18
    Location: Philippines
    Hello MBLAQ oppas! First of all, I am glad that you guys came to the Philippines. Hope you guys will come back next time.
    Continue to inspire everyone with your music and wonderful voices. A+ will always be by your side to support you eagle brothers.
    You all the deserve the things you’re receiving and treasure everything and every moment.
    Also don’t forget about your health, it’s important so you guys will keep on performing for us and would lessen our worry. I hate to see you guys sick T.T
    We love you~ ♥


  7. Name: Hani
    Age: 24
    Location : Malaysia
    I will keep on supporting MBLAQ no matter what happens. FIGHTING!!!
    Please take care of yourself and have fun in Philippines!!!
    You guys are really the best for A+!!! I love you MBLAQ❤
    nomu nomu bogo shipeoyo❤ ^__^ #WaitingForCOMEBLAQ


  8. name:joanne
    Mabuhay, MBLAQ!
    I hope you’ll enjoy your stay here in philippines…
    We really love watching all mblaq variety shows. I hope you’ll bring your charismatic humor here and have fun with your Filipino fans.^^


  9. Name: Sara, Shari
    Age: 19, 16
    Location: Milan, Italy
    Message: Annyeong MBLAQ!!!
    We are Italian A+!! We hope you’ll have a great time in Philippine specially for Thunder Oppa!!
    Oppa welcome back home!!! XD You are all amazing ad gorgeaus!!! We love MBlaq!!! XD
    We are waiting for you coming in Italy!!
    From italian A+!!!! CIAO CIAO!! XD


  10. Hi thunder!
    I am Daisy who is Korean A+ (시크번쩍천둥)
    I envy u so much cause u are going to Philippines!
    I think u dont remember i lived in Philippines too..
    My thunder! I miss u so much! Let’s see in seoul soon, i will support for u more! I love u so much♥


  11. Am I too late D: TT____TT
    Name: Betty
    Age: 16
    Location: Sydney Australia
    Message: Dear Sanghyun Oppa, I am so proud of you these days! You have now become so handsome… ^_^ Anyway, please eat more! You’re getting skinnier these days and I’m worried ): Please oppa, look after your health. I will be by your side, supporting you.How is dadoong these days?
    I love you… >///< MBLAQ HWAITING!


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