Video: 130428 News1korea’s video coverage of ‘Nail Shop Paris’ press conference + Cute Thunder!

SO CUTE I CANNOT! I love how Thunder raised his hand into this cute little fist ♥ And also that he admits to his mistakes~~ This is his first drama so let’s support!


At 4:36, is when Thunder was talking about Joon’s advice for him (You can read from this new article)

At 5:17, the MC asked who were late at the filming sets and everyone voted for Thunder and THUNDER VOTED FOR HIMSELF! Ahahaha, so cute! At least he admitted to it!

At 5:26, the MC asked who had a lot of *NG scenes and Thunder raised his hand and everyone laughed and he bowed ♥

*(No Good scenes where someone could have made a mistake like saying the line wrong or laughing)

Rough translated + posted by: kamepichan@OhThunder

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