News Article: [130521] How do the MBLAQ members respond when a fan asks them to use profanity?

lmfao at Thunder and Joon’s reply XD

Every idol has to be careful to keep from cursing or using profanity on public broadcast or on their public SNS accounts, but what’s an idol to do when a fan asks him to curse?

Recently a post has been making its way around, bringing laughs with the title “A fan Who Brought Post-Its asking MBLAQ to use profanity

The Post-Its were addressed to each member and the fan had written, “Please use profanity.” In response, MBLAQ‘s Mir gave her what she/he wanted as he boldly wrote, “Shibal” (‘f*ck’ or ‘sh*t’) and even mimicked putting up the middle finger with ‘‘. His reply had everyone snickering when they saw his bold answer. It was a refreshing change from the usual, and no one could fault him for cursing when he was asked to as a request by an adoring fan!

The rest of the members also had their own answers. G.O answered, “F*ck you“, written out in Korean, and Seungho answered “S-B” (a shortened of ‘shibal’).Thunder wrote, “Are you a thug?”, instead of cursing, and Lee Joon brought laughs as he wrote, “I can’t.. ㅠ” except his spelling was wrong.

Source: LeeEunDeuk @ allkpop

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