Photos: [FANTAKEN] 130519 More Hyper Thunder/MBLAQ at KBS Dream Team 2 Recording!

HOMG. I swear, I love this weird, random boy and you can see he was just having tons of fun~~~ I didn’t embed all the pictures so view ALL of them through the SLIDESHOW below!

PicsArt_1369123124090 PicsArt_1369112631764 PicsArt_1369137037501 PicsArt_1369135759038 PicsArt_1369137556618 PicsArt_1369136926709

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More under the cut!

PicsArt_1369109383454 PicsArt_1369109499988 PicsArt_1369109608428 PicsArt_1369091907119 PicsArt_1369113229866 PicsArt_1369135581415 PicsArt_1369113369374 PicsArt_1369137271115 PicsArt_1369137371574 PicsArt_1369135852940 PicsArt_1369137670952 PicsArt_1369137466037 PicsArt_1369138149261

Source: Bomina
Re-uploaded by: kamepichan@OhThunder

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